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Monday, January 5, 2015

Literacy Center Boxes

We survived the first day of 2015.
I actually really like this time of year in the classroom.
The kids are trained, used to the routine and a bit more mature.

(cute Nikki's graphic)

I was obviously a little anxious to leave for Christmas break because I did NOT
 complete many things on my TO-DO list...
(it was a busy morning changing the calendar, 
making copies, trading listening center books and cds, etc...)

While my kiddos were outside for a quick break I realized that I had NOT
 prepared my Literacy Centers for a new month.
Luckily they were laminated and cut out from last year,
 however, the booklet wasn't run off AND...

Last year, I had a student that PICKED at everything... including my labels on my boxes. 
It was so bad that I scratched the vinyl ALL off and planned to re-cut it out.  OOPS!!

Back to the good ol' computer and card stock...
and they'll be just fine!!!

We made it... Literacy Centers/ Word Work went great during Daily 5 today.
I hate to say that some days... Mrs. Evans just flies by the seat of her pants...but...

Literacy Center  Labels
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