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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Converting our AR Dots to Lexile Reading Levels

updated charts w/ blank

We are getting ready for our next SEP conferences next week and my cute co-workers and I were discussing how we could get our parents on board with LEXILE reading levels vs. AR reading levels.  Sadly, we lost our AR this year... we are missing the accountability and motivation that it gave to all the students, however, we've been told it's history!  
All of our library books were labeled with color dots on the spine of the book for easy choosing.  Many teachers did the same thing in their classroom libraries to enable the students to easily get a "good choice" book. We thought it was a good idea to help the parents see the connection between their student's SRI reading scores and LEXILE level.
We converted a chart to match Creekside's leveled colors (dots). 
We plan to discuss this with our parents and students at SEPS... hopefully clearing things up a bit and getting us all on the same playing field.
Fingers crossed!!
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2nd Grade Snickerdoodles said...

Thanks so much, Lory! Our school made the switch over from GE AR levels to Lexile, too. This will help us convert their STAR scores into a dot color, too. :)

ScrappyGuy said...

We still have AR at our school, it took a bit of finagling with the funds but we finally managed to pay for the subscription again. I hope they aren't going to get rid of it. The students really buy into the motivation.

Lory said...

thanks friends... i would love to find the funds to get it back... I so agree with you Gary about the motivation!!
It is a great program!!