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Friday, December 5, 2014

Organizing Wonders

We are just finishing up Unit 2... you'd think I would have a strong hold on the reading program.... huh... not yet. However, it is starting to click a bit.  
I created some very simple data charts to help me see when I teach what and how often they'll be taught.  I makes me happy to know what is coming up in the curriculum and when it will be taught again.  I want to feel organized with this...
 just think next year will be such a breeze ;)

Click here if you'd like to take a peek.
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Ashley Smith ~ The Primary Source said...

THANK YOU!!!! This will be so incredibly helpful. Thank yo, thank you, thank you for sharing!!

Kate @ EduKate and Inspire said...

Hi Lory! The first sentence of your post made me laugh out loud... I'm on unit 3 and am getting closer to wrapping my brain around Wonders! :) Thanks for the scope and sequence freebie! I have a similar freebie in my TPT store if you are looking for a scope and sequence at-a-glance for all of the 2nd grade CCSS. If you ever want to collaborate or share resources, feel free to email me or contact me through FB! This summer, I contacted McGraw-Hill directly to get my hands on a few resources for planning. Maybe we will figure out Wonders by the end of the year :)

EduKate and Inspire

Anonymous said...

Hi Lory,
You have been incredible!! We are on year 2 of WONDERS and the materials you have developed have kept us all SANE!! Ok... well not totally but sure have helped. The kids find your materials SO MUCH MORE exciting and fun compared to the workbooks. MH should have consulted YOU when developing their materials. :)

Lory said...

Ah Ladies... you are so kind! I mean it when I say that we are truly 'getting' through this program. (It might be that I'm getting old also). At the rate our district purchases new programs... this will probably be my last reading program to dissect :)