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Friday, December 5, 2014

Money games

This past week we started our money unit...WOW!
I have a few students that don't know any coin names or values... and...
a handful that can count coins up to $5.00!

Not that anyone cares what Lory thinks... but,
I think it is CRAZY that money is introduced and taught AND mastered in 2nd Grade.
We've made great progress... I taught the kids about "hair and legs" (I posted it here)
 to count groups of various coins.  The skip counting by five has been a 
tremendous help to many of my little ones.


We have used the game boards above along with the many

 We've read many books..
I'm so grateful for fun math literature to share with my kiddos.

Next week we add the bills...

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Mrs. Jones Teaches said...

We've been working on coins too! These will be great additions to our Monday Math Centers. Thanks!
Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

Lory said...

I'm so glad Sarah.... it's a big concept for our little ones ;)
xo Lory

Carrie Jones said...

Thank you for the freebies, Lory! These game boards are so cute and beautifully done! I love them! I am a new follower here and on TPT.
I found you because you left a kind comment on one of my products on TPT. Thank you!
i Heart Second

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