Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Compound Words

This week we are discussing compound words.
We have had a great time discussing what they are and what they are NOT.
I love when they divide a word into 2 syllables and
 are sure it's a compound word... ugh! :)

This cute book from Rick Walton has been used and used... 
but the kids love it and they begin to see the idea in their little minds.
Funny thing, I showed them how he had autographed my book for me in 2004.
There immediate response was..."I wasn't even born yet!!! 
 Are you a grandma Mrs. Evans?"
but grandmother is a compound word ;)

After completing some whole group activities,
I wanted to see what they understood individually.
Each student chose a compound to illustrate and share.
... I think they got it!!

Compound Words
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