Friday, November 21, 2014

Thankful for easy, productive plans!

It was a great week... but, Friday afternoon feels SO good!!

 This is what I did this afternoon for Monday-Tuesday planning!
Yep... the whole 2 days!!
Next week is a 2 day week and we are focusing on Thanksgiving...
finally!!  I remember in years past we celebrated the holidays a bit more.
It seems like we hardly have any time for anything than our standards...
so... Thanksgiving + standards = Feast of Fun!!

We are reading quality Thanksgiving literature...
working on Comprehension skills,
Place Value,
Fact & Opinion,
Punctuation and so much more!

It was easy to prepare, will be fun to do and take us into Thanksgiving break!!
If you are looking for a Feast of Fun... it's a deal, too...
I marked it down for the weekend here.

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