Thursday, November 27, 2014

Focus Board

Better late than never?
As I've mentioned before ... we started McGraw Hill's WONDERS reading program this year.
We've been encouraged to create a Focus Wall showing all of the various standards we will cover each week.  I've been dreaming of my board... 
and I think it was born today ...  finally!!
After hours on the computer... and printing at UPS...
(notice my final color copy pick up bag in the background)

 I bought a 20 x 30 frame cork board at Target ($14)... 
then positioned the pieces where I wanted them on the board.
I cut the black poster board about 1/2" bigger than the card to create  a 'frame'.
I just stapled the poster board cards on the cork board.
(no one will ever see them but me ;)

Then I added the headers for each card.

Everything needs a bit of ribbon ... right?

Then I finally hung the standard cards in their spot. 
They are just attached with Velcro so that I can easily switch the cards each week.
Looks nice in my kitchen on a chair, huh? ;)
Can't wait to take it to school Monday and hang it where it goes.

Is it normal for teachers to dream of focus walls???
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Krystal said...

Now I want to make a focus wall. Looks terrific! I dreamed of my new bulletin boards all summer, and was so excited to bring them to life this year :) great job!!

Lory said...

Thanks Krystal!!

Christer said...

Your focus wall looks great! Let us know how it works out once you put it up.