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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Adorable ELF Freebie!!

The very sweet and talented Krista at Creative Chalkboard is up to good again!!
She's created Operation ELF and it is now officially in force.

Isn't it a great idea?
Sneaking in some random acts of kindness into each of our 
crazy days is just what we need to do!!
Thanks for the reminder Krista!!

Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate... blogger or no blogger.
More kindness = happy people ;)

Using Krista's adorable elf...
 I created a couple of simple, one page math games for those quick finishers, 
homework, sub plans, etc.
There is a subtraction and a multiplication board available.

Join in on the fun!!
I think I might hit a drive thru for lunch so I can do #1 today ;)

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Krista Wallden said...

Oh my!!! Lory I love everything about this post!!! Your freebie is so cute and I am so excited that you are joining in on the Selfless Challenge! I really hope it is something you have fun with!! Thanks for sharing about it :)

Janiel Wagstaff said...

Thanks, Lo. I hadn't heard about this. Am following Krista and Creative Chalkboard now and sharing your post on my FB page! xxoo

ronnie said...

Thank you.