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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gifts Galore

The Evans' household had a very relaxing long weekend.
It felt so good to sleep in and work in pjs for a bit.
We definitely stayed away from a schedule AND enjoyed it!!

We stayed busy and crossed off many 'to-dos' on our list...
Lance decided he wanted to 'something' for his 75 nurses/techs at the hospital...
so we gather Tic Tacs of plenty (still awaiting the red from Amazon) 
and created a darling bucket of Christmas Tree Sees, Snowman Poops and soon... Reindeer Noses.

Tic Tac labels

Then, sweet Emma decided to make these adorable chocolate nugget gifts.
We wrapped and wrapped for hours!!

We wrapped our neighborhood gifts...

I finished up my Christmas shopping... online...
and got our 12 Days of Christmas ready to go.

This is a fun family tradition that we did when I was a young girl and I've continued it ever since. We choose a family/individual to play elf to during the Christmas season.
For 12 nights we deliver little gifts, goodies and glee to their home.
I keep it simple with tags, brown bags (Dollar Tree).
 I purchase all the gifts and fill the bags (except for the fruit and poinsettia) so when it comes time to ding dong and deliver... we have no worries... we can just enjoy the fun!!

To top it off we decorated the house and ordered our Christmas cards!

Last but not least... I'm filling up my TpT basket for the big 
CYBER SALE Monday and Tuesday.
Be sure to use the code TPTCYBER to save 28%!!

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

1/2 Off... Christmas Around the World

Before we left for Thanksgiving break... my team and I were discussing how we were going to celebrate Christmas Around the World this year... with minimal time.  It seems like we have little and little 'holiday' time to work with.  We decided that since it gives us a chance to cover social studies, mapping and customs /traditions.... we were going for it!!  We love it and love sharing the literature, recipes and crafts at this festive time of year.  Over the years I have created a couple different versions.  I combined my favorite 2 into 1 file... one a pocket book the other 81/2 x11 pages for student portfolios.
I've marked it 50% off!! Only $3.00 for a month of fun!!
Hope you enjoy it!

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Holiday Book Inspirated Crafts

 I'm so excited to join many blogging friends
 to share a favorite holiday book and 
  quick craft to go along with it. 

I just love this time of year. 
It's a bit crazy... but can be such a beautiful time!
Something that has helped me tremendously each month is
Print it and Teach!
Each month covers 12 math and 12 ELA topics.
They are quick printables to get ready and nice to have on hand for
one of those crazy moments, unexpected substitute or quick review/mini-lesson.

I have bundled Print It and Teach December with 
Brr... It's Cold ( a file full of fun holiday activities) for a discounted price.
I'm excited to give this bundle to a lucky winner.
Just enter below and we'll choose a winner Monday evening.

Be sure to hop by the other blogs for other
 fun holiday books and crafts!!
Happy Holiday!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Focus Board

Better late than never?
As I've mentioned before ... we started McGraw Hill's WONDERS reading program this year.
We've been encouraged to create a Focus Wall showing all of the various standards we will cover each week.  I've been dreaming of my board... 
and I think it was born today ...  finally!!
After hours on the computer... and printing at UPS...
(notice my final color copy pick up bag in the background)

 I bought a 20 x 30 frame cork board at Target ($14)... 
then positioned the pieces where I wanted them on the board.
I cut the black poster board about 1/2" bigger than the card to create  a 'frame'.
I just stapled the poster board cards on the cork board.
(no one will ever see them but me ;)

Then I added the headers for each card.

Everything needs a bit of ribbon ... right?

Then I finally hung the standard cards in their spot. 
They are just attached with Velcro so that I can easily switch the cards each week.
Looks nice in my kitchen on a chair, huh? ;)
Can't wait to take it to school Monday and hang it where it goes.

Is it normal for teachers to dream of focus walls???
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Giveaway in time for a Cyber Sale

I have a new home away from home :)
I'm so excited to work with some amazingly talented and beautiful friends.
Please hop over and check out these ladies... and...
while you are there... enter to win some fabulous prizes
just in time for ...

It's a wonderful time of the year!!
I love it!! 
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you... all over blog-land! xo
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Adorable ELF Freebie!!

The very sweet and talented Krista at Creative Chalkboard is up to good again!!
She's created Operation ELF and it is now officially in force.

Isn't it a great idea?
Sneaking in some random acts of kindness into each of our 
crazy days is just what we need to do!!
Thanks for the reminder Krista!!

Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate... blogger or no blogger.
More kindness = happy people ;)

Using Krista's adorable elf...
 I created a couple of simple, one page math games for those quick finishers, 
homework, sub plans, etc.
There is a subtraction and a multiplication board available.

Join in on the fun!!
I think I might hit a drive thru for lunch so I can do #1 today ;)

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Monday, November 24, 2014

WONDERS - weekly trifold

I'm still wrapping my head around the new McGraw Hill Wonders Reading Program.
I began these trifolds in Unit 2 and they have been really helpful.
It helps me cover all the strategies and skills and expose the kids to various graphic organizers and practice.  As of right now... unit 2 and unit 3 are the only trifolds completed and posted... I'll keep working on them!!

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Thankful for easy, productive plans!

It was a great week... but, Friday afternoon feels SO good!!

 This is what I did this afternoon for Monday-Tuesday planning!
Yep... the whole 2 days!!
Next week is a 2 day week and we are focusing on Thanksgiving...
finally!!  I remember in years past we celebrated the holidays a bit more.
It seems like we hardly have any time for anything than our standards...
so... Thanksgiving + standards = Feast of Fun!!

We are reading quality Thanksgiving literature...
working on Comprehension skills,
Place Value,
Fact & Opinion,
Punctuation and so much more!

It was easy to prepare, will be fun to do and take us into Thanksgiving break!!
If you are looking for a Feast of Fun... it's a deal, too...
I marked it down for the weekend here.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Adjective Freebie

I posted an ADJECTIVE literacy mini-lesson for November.

This is a bit of my Literacy Centers - NOVEMBER.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scholastic Thanksgiving & Free Printables for the Lessons

 So I've heard wonderful things about Scholastic's The First Thanksgiving Lesson Plans and Materials.  I've never used them or explored them until this weekend.  Wow!!

I am so excited to share this part of history with my kids this year.
We have a few Ipads in our classroom now and I'm planning on grouping them around the technology.  Scholastic has provided many links for the kids to explore.
I also plan on using the projector to discuss and share some of the material whole group.

The lesson plans are quite nice also.  I've printed it off and plan to follow the K-2.
It invites the kids and class to create various T charts, Venn Diagrams and share the thoughts and new knowledge.  I love the idea...so for easy management (for me and the kids ;)  I created this booklet using the information from Scholastic.

I obviously haven't used it yet,
 but would love to share it with others
 that are planning to use the Scholastic site.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

12 Days of Math Class

This weekend I updated my 12 Days of Math Class file.
My daughter and I sang it all Saturday long... my husband and son very kindly said that if we wanted to celebrate the holidays to stop singing about math class... immediately!!

Wait until we get the keyboard and guitar out tomorrow!!

I also bundled 2 of my favorite winter files for a discounted price.
You can find it here!

You can find other great Sunday Savings here at All Things Apple in 2nd!
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Thanksgiving FREEBIES

Remember these little guys?
I pulled them out again for a math review and the kids were so excited.
You can find them both here and here.


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