Friday, October 3, 2014

Wonders Unit 1 Week 6

I'm still figuring out the WONDERS program.
Things are coming along, however, next week is a new beast.
It has a different schedule. 
 I'm one for a good routine and my kiddos have just about figured our classroom routine out... so... in order for week 6 to match up with weeks 1-5 for me, I've created an additional spelling and vocabulary list... basically a unit review.
Spelling consists of 4 words from each of the five Unit 1 lists.
Vocabulary consists of the 8 most missed words from Unit 1 tests.
If anyone else is looking for week 6 'basics'...
 I've attached the above forms on Google Docs.
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Unknown said...

Do you happen to have this week 6 resource for Units 2-6? I used this resource with Unit 1 and loved it! I'm needing the review weeks for other units, though, and didn't know if you had those. Thanks!

Unknown said...

How do I get the rest of the units?