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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Root Words, Endings and more

We are starting our 4th week of school Monday...
I can honestly say, I feel like it's coming together.
We have started a routine... the schedule is sure and the expectations are clear.

My fabulous team (I love my girls) are working on the new reading program together.
We are finding things that work, things to tweek and things to skip.
It's a process (an exhausting one at times) however, I feel like we are making progress...
and progress is good!!

Homework is working (I posted that a couple weeks ago).
Spelling and vocabulary tests are finally figured out.
I wasn't sure how the best way to assess the vocabulary was... but this 'form' has worked for 3 weeks now.  The kids 'get' it and it's easy to correct.

Reading Skills (homework) is bound, handed out, taken home and beginning to be mastered.  It is fabulous!!  If you have not checked it out... you really should.
Michele has created a fantastic step by step reading structure for kids.
This file is all you need to construct a solid reading packet for each of your students to review OR master OR learn.  It is valuable for all 2nd graders.
I appreciate how it is ready to place in the copier and create!!!
No fuss but TONS of phonetic opportunity for the little ones.

I created a couple mini lesson packets to go along with our language arts (specifically our new reading program).  They've been very helpful for the weekly instruction.

Next up is Number Bonds.
Have I mentioned how grateful I am that my math isn't changing this year!?!?

Math Helps - Number Bonds

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Callie said...

I love love love the vocabulary worksheet! Do you have those for every unit??

Lory said...

The vocabulary test? I don't yet... but I'll get on it ;)