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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Student Portfolio / Scrapbook

This weekend I took a minute to update my student portfolio/scrapbook (all 72 pages).
I begin my new school year Monday and asked each student to bring in their 1.5" binder so that we can begin pronto!!  The Melonheadz were screaming to me again... so, here they are showing growth (in my products, too).

I included a bit more information about the file on page 2.
Be sure to download the new version if you've already purchased it... and if you haven't yet... it's on sale today!! Check it out!
Both versions are available in the zip file.

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Krystal said...

What a great idea! Hope you have a wonderful class this year :)

Adriane said...

Where do you get your clip art? What program did you use for the forms?

June said...

I LOVE the updates! I really enjoyed the original, but this just makes my heart sing! THANK YOU!!!

Lory said...

Hi ladies! Thanks for the kind notes. Adriane the clipart is from Melonheadz... I use Word Publisher to create my files.
Happy Back to School