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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nightly Reading Skills Homework

DRUM ROLL... pleazzze...
I am so excited to say that my dear friend (and co-worker for 16 years) has...
 opened a TPT store!!  She is fabulous and oh, so smart!!
Each year she provides our team with our nightly reading homework.
She tweaked it for the Common Core, for reading programs and up to date material.
It is PERFECT and today it is PUBLISHED!!

This is the description and introduction for teachers, parents and students. 
All we have to do is copy it back to back, copy the cover on card stock for durability and bind it with a binding comb.
Homework is complete for the WHOLE year.

The kids place their Reading Skills booklet in the red or blue crate each day to pass their page off after practicing it at home. I made half of my booklets with a red back cover and half with a blue back cover... just to create 2 smaller groups.  They are NOT leveling the students or representing ANYTHING.  It is just for management purposes. The kids make sure they put their booklet in the correct crate.  The parent and student develop a bond  over the year working with one another.  The parents also quickly recognize the students that don't receive a lot of support at home and offer those kiddos a few extra minutes when they pull them out.  It's awesome!

We have a parent volunteer (2 is even better ;) for each school day. They come in and get  their crate. Inside the crate they find the student booklets, a timer, pencil, stickers and booklet to check off the completed pages.  She takes 1 student out to the hall with  her. They work on the booklet, place a sticker (if the page is mastered) and check it off. They decide who is to come out in the hall next. The student returns to the classroom, places their booklet in their mailbox (we empty the mailboxes EVERY night before we go home) and then tap the next friend on the shoulder to go out with the parent volunteer. It is easy and uncomplicated but SUCH an important, beneficial assignment/activity!!  I love it!!

Michele has it posted here.
Because she missed the TpT Back to School sale... she marked it down for a bit.
Grab it... NOW... 
Just copy, bind and get them in the hands of your students... you'll be good to go!!
Thank you Michele!!!

This is my recording booklet that I'll be using this year.
You are welcome to download it here for free to help you get started.

This is my team... I love 'em... Michele is with the red 'kerchief!

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Diana said...

Wow! I really love this! Any chance of one for first grade?