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Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm Teacher Approved! :)

Have you heard of Teacher Approved?

Let us make your job a little easier.

A monthly subscription for educators. Revitalize your classroom with hand–picked Teacher Approved materials.

I received a fun email from Teacher Approved asking for a blog interview and spotlight on my
 Daily Math for 1st grade.  I was so honored and excited.   Here's a sneak peek: 

Daily Math, Math Movers, and Diversity Calendar

Meet Lory Evans

Lory, a 2nd grade teacher from Utah, loves the word friend, the beach, Grey’s Anatomy, and Naked Pita Chips. In a bookstore you’ll find her in the children’s section where she might be perusing her favorite book, Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls, or any Little Critters books by Mercer Mayer. When one of her students learned her age, he yelled out: “Holy Cow, Mrs. Evans! You are older than my daddy!”
Lory’s favorite teacher waMrs. Taylor who made her feel special by allowing her to “help” out on extra activities. Lory loved watching her ‘reapply’ her lipstick EVERYDAY after lunch! Her inspiration to create comes from her students, who love a good, fun activity. As a teacher, she especially loves knowing she is creating a safe environment for the little ones in her charge.
Back to School advice from Lory: Take the time to plan ahead and be over prepared for the first week… that way you can truly enjoy meeting the little ones and making a good/ true impression.
Here’s Lory’s Daily Math- Grade 1 in the PreK-1 subscription.
Her favorite product: Daily Math – Grade 2

Our favorite product: “Teacher, I’m Done!” Task Cards for September

Her favorite blog post: Number of the Day  ... not necessarily 'my' favorite choice, however, it is one of the most viewed blog post from Lory's Page.
Visit Lory at her blogTPTFacebookPinterest

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Janiel Wagstaff said...

That's awesome, Lo! What a great honor for you...well, deserved!
Enjoy your day!!