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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Teaching GENRES

After 15 + years... our school is losing AR (Accelerated Reader).
My team and I are so sad!!
We loved seeing the kiddos read many books and review them on the computer.
We loved the simplicity and accountability of the program.

We had to come up with something to replace the program... 
BUT more importantly inspire the kids.
We decided that we would put our focus on GENRES.
Our new McGraw Hill WONDERS reading program goes right along with this idea.

In a nutshell... our students are going to receive a Genre Guru booklet each term.
 It has 18 pages inside focusing on 8 different genres and directions for the parents.

Throughout the term... 
the students will have the opportunity to read 2 books from each genre on the wheel and then complete the pages in their booklet.
This booklet will stay in their homework folder all term. 
By coloring in a circle (in the genre wheel) each time they read a book...
 they will easily be able to keep track of their progress.

Term 2 will be formatted the same way...
We will give them another opportunity to explore the genres again, however, 
we will shake up the booklet activities and display different graphic organizers.
We are so excited to create Genre Gurus!!
We printed the posters 8 1/2 by 11 and
 placed them in document frames we found at the Dollar Tree. 
We hung them on the wall above our book boxes.

I gave a set of posters and smaller cards to my librarian to display in her library.
Hopefully we'll be havin' so much fun... we'll forget A.R. (ha! Ha!)

In addition to the file... you'll receive a Term 2,3 and 4 booklet
 throughout the school year.

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Janiel Wagstaff said...

This looks really great, Lory! Glad you guys were able to come up with something you're excited about! :)

Lory said...

We'll see how the kids like it. I'm excited ;)

Unknown said...

These are wonderful, Lori!! Thanks for all your hard work! xo