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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Math Fact Fun!!

PIG Math just grew... with  fun practice pages!

I created these quick printables for partners to work on after they complete their morning work (Daily Math/Language).  The kids know where the dice are stored in the classroom... they can choose a partner that is working on the same math fact and practice away in a quiet place in the room. 

The pages correlate with the PIG MATH board I have enlarged and hang in my classroom.
Each student has a ID number (1-28... I'm 0;) and each student has a magnet with their ID number on it.  As they pass their Pig Math we move their magnet.
This provides a bit of privacy but information for partners (and me) at the same time.

You'll see the first PIG Page above is +1... it is the 2nd quiz on the pig row... so it has 2 pigs in the corner. The next sample is the chick... it is +7... the 2nd quiz on the chick row so it has 2 chicks.  I'm such a visual person and it helps the kids keep track of where they are.  We'll see how it goes!!!

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