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Thursday, July 31, 2014

New... McGraw Hill Reading Program

I finished a little project for some of the new reading materials 
we received over the summer. 
The kids and I ran into the classroom to drop off some purchases and found a massive pile of boxes in the doorway.  Right away Alex and Emma sliced them open and began unloading 800+ books.  It was a bit overwhelming.
Once I had a chance to wrap my head around it... I organized the books into units and weeks and placed them in these little labeled boxes.

I also picked up these little pouches at Walmart.
I thought I might used them for some word sort activities.

My goal is to get the first week of reading outlined and planned... so far,
I haven't done much.  I do know that I'm going to combine the basal program, district routines and Daily 5 together.  I've created a few files for the Wonders series.

Each week we have a list of high frequency words...
 so I created a 8 1/2" x 11 (that I plan to blow up 129% to 11x14) list to hang and review.
I also made a page for each week for the kids to complete during Word Work.
The graphing activity changes throughout the weeks.

For the vocabulary... I made a few variations... a card with word and definitions, a card without the word but with the definition and finally just the word.

The essential questions are 8 1/2 by 11 also, but I plan to enlarge them 129%
 also for a 11x14 chart. Big ideas are a FREEBIE.

 Fast and Fluent = Fun!  This file combines spelling, phonics and fluency.

Students receive a page a week (or available in booklet form... see preview). They practice reading their spelling words in quick sentences.  They time themselves or with Read to Someone and record their timings three different times.  Hopefully becoming more confident, fluent and successful readers.

The spelling words were created were created to hang in a pocket chart OR laminated with a small magnet on the back for a white board.

Last but not least... in fact, it's my favorite... HomEWorK!
I send home a Homework Folder each week with a spelling list, math game board and weekly note from the class.  This will replace my spelling list. It now includes the list AND vocabulary AND high frequency words.  I will print it back to back!

Unit 1 can be downloaded FREE here.

I'm so not ready to return to school or a schedule or fast routine.
I am glad however to have a few items to get me started.
My goal... to get into the Teacher Edition this weekend before a staff development
 Aug 5th and 6th.
If you are interested in any of these 2nd Grade McGraw-Hill materials
they will be available 50% off thru the 6th.
The book box labels are a Google Doc and available through the link below.


Becca is having a fun giveaway.  Stop by to enter!!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Did you read the 2nd edition? 
 Are you so excited to start a new school year following the new routine?
Here are the charts I am using this year using the fabulous Melonheadz illustrations...
Thank you Nikki for sharing your talents!! xo

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Teaching GENRES

After 15 + years... our school is losing AR (Accelerated Reader).
My team and I are so sad!!
We loved seeing the kiddos read many books and review them on the computer.
We loved the simplicity and accountability of the program.

We had to come up with something to replace the program... 
BUT more importantly inspire the kids.
We decided that we would put our focus on GENRES.
Our new McGraw Hill WONDERS reading program goes right along with this idea.

In a nutshell... our students are going to receive a Genre Guru booklet each term.
 It has 18 pages inside focusing on 8 different genres and directions for the parents.

Throughout the term... 
the students will have the opportunity to read 2 books from each genre on the wheel and then complete the pages in their booklet.
This booklet will stay in their homework folder all term. 
By coloring in a circle (in the genre wheel) each time they read a book...
 they will easily be able to keep track of their progress.

Term 2 will be formatted the same way...
We will give them another opportunity to explore the genres again, however, 
we will shake up the booklet activities and display different graphic organizers.
We are so excited to create Genre Gurus!!
We printed the posters 8 1/2 by 11 and
 placed them in document frames we found at the Dollar Tree. 
We hung them on the wall above our book boxes.

I gave a set of posters and smaller cards to my librarian to display in her library.
Hopefully we'll be havin' so much fun... we'll forget A.R. (ha! Ha!)

In addition to the file... you'll receive a Term 2,3 and 4 booklet
 throughout the school year.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Do Moms have to cook?

Hi friends! It's Friday!!
I hate seeing the weeks pass by so quickly during the summertime!

A couple weeks ago, Lance and I added up all the debit charges we made in May at food places... whether it be fast food or restaurants... it was hUgE... and a bit embarrassing. 
 I do not enjoy cooking... at all! It's easier, quicker and happier to GO eat and move on to the next activity on our agenda...but... I knew I had to do better (darnit!!)
Lucky for me, the whole fam is helping mom out on this one.  
We each get a day to pick the meal and help prepare it. 

Collette over at The Computer Is My Canvas is helping me out.
She has adorable printables.  I've purchased MANY things from her ETSY store.
These cute menus provide a bit of happiness in my new quest. 
If you like her Facebook page... she offers lots of freebies.  
The August menu board is one :)

Another fun find was this little tote from the dollar spot at Target.
It is a perfect fit for my PIG MATH game boards.
My cute little Emma whipped up some labels for me and created folders for the first 10 game boards. I love it when I find simple yet efficient things.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Famous Janiel Wagstaff

My dear friend, Janiel Wagstaff is a very talented lady. 
She teaches, is an administrator, mother, daughter and published author many times over.
Check your Scholastic shelf... I'm sure you'll find many of her books in your own classroom.

Janiel just posted this poetry file in her TpT store!!
It's fabulous, easy to use and adorable... and... it's
aligned to Common Core Standards!

This K-2 resource includes sixteen perfect, kid-approved, cross-curricular poems you’ll love! Teach about health, safety, holidays, life cycles, plants, animals, insects, weather, seasons, and subtraction with delightful rhymes and rhythms! Use the accompanying pages to practice fluency (each poem’s lines are numbered and there is a grid at the bottom of the page for recording reading rate for up to five repeated readings).

You’ll also get ready-made rime/chunk flash cards you can use to teach and reinforce words right from the contexts of the poems. These can be used for all kinds of word work and for posting on your Word Wall.

Everything you need is ready to go!
 Just print and teach!

*Poem Titles: Colors; Take Care of Yourself; Five Fat Peas; Winter Months; Animal Voices; The 100th Day of School; Stop! And Spot a Tadpole; Precipitation; A Brand New Year; Earthland; Safety, Safety; Signs of Spring; Seeds! Oh, Seeds!; Insects, Insects; Parenthood; I’m a Scientist

Check it out... you'll love it!!

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Teacher I'm Done!!!

I've vacationed with teachers,
I've camped with the young women of church...
Now, I'm at home enjoying summer laziness with my family!
I missed them and love them with all my heart.
Here's to a family fun weekend!!
I hope you enjoy your down time too!! xo

Monday, July 14, 2014

Vegas Baby!!

Wow!! Just had a faBuLous time in LasVegas meeting talented, fun people and learning the ins and outs of TpT. So grateful for the opportunity and new friends. Xo

Thank you Natalie and Rachelle (What the Teacher Wants)
 for an amazing teacher Meet Up (and pictures;)
Krystal Plott (Good Enough Teacher) for being a darling roommate
 and travel partner... and
Paul Edelman for creating TpT and allowing so many teachers 
to create and share their talents with each other all over this world.

The summer continues... I'm  trading my Venetian Hotel suite in for a ...
campground in the beautiful Utah mountains with 27 adorable youth!!
Counting my blessings!!! xo
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Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Sale

I am so grateful to be an American...
and thankful for the many heroes that keep this country safe!
Enjoy your 4th of July!!

adorable clipart by Nikki at Melonheadz

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Math Fact Fun!!

PIG Math just grew... with  fun practice pages!

I created these quick printables for partners to work on after they complete their morning work (Daily Math/Language).  The kids know where the dice are stored in the classroom... they can choose a partner that is working on the same math fact and practice away in a quiet place in the room. 

The pages correlate with the PIG MATH board I have enlarged and hang in my classroom.
Each student has a ID number (1-28... I'm 0;) and each student has a magnet with their ID number on it.  As they pass their Pig Math we move their magnet.
This provides a bit of privacy but information for partners (and me) at the same time.

You'll see the first PIG Page above is +1... it is the 2nd quiz on the pig row... so it has 2 pigs in the corner. The next sample is the chick... it is +7... the 2nd quiz on the chick row so it has 2 chicks.  I'm such a visual person and it helps the kids keep track of where they are.  We'll see how it goes!!!

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