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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Math Journal Booklet

I just made my math journals even more simple.
I love math journals BUT I love convenience, too!!

I encourage my kids to 'imagine' their math.
We act things out, use our manips and draw pictures.
Each day we work through a math entry together...
discussing, illustrating and sharing our skills. 

This 4 page booklet includes enough math entries for term 1.
It's quick and easy to make for me and effective for the kids.
We'll see... can't wait!

I've included this with my STICKING WITH MATH JOURNALS.
I did the labels last year and really love it... so did the kids.
My student leader of the week handed out the labels
 to each child as they returned from lunch.
That way we could get started with math journals right away.

Just another change for fun...
 if you've purchased the STICKING WITH MATH JOURNALS and 
would like try the booklet, go to your purchases and re-download it ;)

 Red = term 1, Yellow = term 2, Green = term 3, Blue = term 4
or.... white... and let them color 'em?

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of having the students color them! It makes it more personal for them. These are great!

Good Enough Teacher said...

What a great idea. They look fantastic!!
good enough teacher

Room 214-Ms. Wenzel's Blog said...

Wow..impressive journals. Thanks for sharing! Smiles and stop by anytime.