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Monday, June 23, 2014

50% off Daily Deal - Day 2

My all time best seller is Daily Math.
I created it for my class years ago. 
I wanted to be able to offer my students a quick daily review
 of the various math topics each day of the school year. 
 This is my morning starter...
the kids come in, hang up their backpacks and pick up their Daily Math.
We correct it together (most days). 
This helps see their mistakes and how to correct them.

I've posted about them here.
 Grade 1
 Grade 3
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1 comment:

Diana said...

I love Daily Math! I have used it for two years and I actually have my kids do it at the end of the math lesson. My students finish their independent practice at their own pace and know to just move right to their daily math page. I grade the pages every day. Every ten days, we have a quiz which is just a page from that skill set to hold the learners accountable for the skills. The night before the quiz, I rip out the 10 pages from their book and send them home with a note to the parents asking them to help review the skills. Works like a charm!