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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Daily 5 Book Study - New Version & Ideas

 I saw that Mel D was reviewing the Second version of Daily 5 this summer...
I loved the first and definitely wanted to see what improvements or changes the Sisters made. We did summer blog studies a couple years ago on the first edition...
you can see here and here.

I love this book... and the appreciate the huge difference it has made in my classroom for the past few years for my little second graders. They have truly become better readers. They are more passionate about reading and writing and I love the independence it creates in the classroom.
Daily 5 is a "framework" that you teach just like you teach anything else in your classroom.  Your kiddos learn the classroom procedures until it becomes a habit.  While doing this you are teaching them how to be independent and engaged in meaningful work for extended periods of time.         
How great is that! 
 Daily 5 puts the kids in charge of their own learning and holds them accountable. I set up the classroom procedures and expectations right from the first day of school... our kids can succeed...
I say set the bar high and expect no less.
The structure in the 2nd edition has changed.
The Sisters suggest that you build up the stamina of all 5 choices at once. I like to introduce "Read to Self" on the very first day of school. I want my students to be introduced to our classroom library and organization so they can quickly see what books they chose.  We start out with a 3 minute goal for each Daily and increase or decrease as needed.
  By the 4th/5th week of the school year my procedures and routines are habits for all my students... So is Daily 5.
Here is the new bit for me...
 After you have built your stamina in each and are running 5 rotations, the Sisters suggest to drop off one rotation. Now the students will be participating in 4 rounds with 5 choices available to them.
Once you are stopping a round due to time constraints and NOT broken stamina, then drop off another round. So now there are 3 rounds with 5 choices. 
In the book there is a graph explaining that "Read to Self" and "Work on Writing"  both have to be chosen daily... it is non negotiable.
However, there is still choice as to which one they go to first.

Chapter 2 talks about the core beliefs of the Daily 5...  trust and respect, community, choice, accountability, brain research, transitions as brain and body breaks, and 10 steps to Independence.

Daily 5 fits into my positive classroom environment perfectly. Since using the Daily 5 model, I have noticed opportunities throughout our Daily 5 block to encourage, motivate and support each other.  We hold each other accountable for our behavior and learning goals each and every day.
I find that I am not 'managing the classroom'...
we are all in it together... doing our best and accomplishing our goals.
It is so refreshing!!
 Over the past few years, I've posted some of the Daily 5 materials I have used:
I created these little booklets for each book box.
I cannot take credit for the idea... I had a copy that received a lot of use and attention and needed to be cleaned up so I typed up a new one with some cute graphics.
Stay tuned for Chapter 3 on Friday.

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