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Sunday, June 22, 2014

50% off Deals - Day 1

A few years ago I created these word family sets. 
I've blogged about them here and here.
They have become one of my best selling items in the store....
Today they are 50% off!!!

20 word families to begin the year...
-ack, -ag, -ail, -ain, -am, -ank, -ap, -at, -ay,
-eed, -ick, -ig, -ill, -ing, -ip, 
-ot, -out, -ug, -unk, -y

22 word families in this set...
ame, and, atch, ate, eat,en, est, 
et, ice, ight, in, ine, ock, og, op, ope,
 ound, ow, uck, un, ush, ust            

13 word families ...
 photo signature-30.png

1 comment:

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