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Friday, June 27, 2014

50% off Daily Deals - Day 6

Today's deal is all about sparking the little writers in each of our kiddos!

A couple years ago I was searching for a way to get my students writing more.
We discussed main ideas, details, beginning, middle and end etc. etc.
Something was just missing... I began by finding individual pictures about various topics.
We used the pictures to help us add details and substance.
Then one evening (only teachers dream about classrooms ;)  I had this format come to mind.  With such amazing clipart artists out there... I was able to create all sorts of topics and Write On cards.  It always made me smile when I had a student come up to me to "request" a Write On topic. 
We use these in Daily 5 and anytime we want to add a bit to our portfolio or writing journal.
I've blog about Write Ons here and here.

Because of your support and encouragement I have continued
 to create and bundle Write Ons.
Set 5, Set 6 and Set 7  are available, too.
The description of each set gives the titles found inside.

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Unknown said...

Am I missing something?? Yesterday and today I looked but the items are not marked down....

Kickin It Whole Brain In Texas

Twyla Yeates said...

I was just wondering the same thing. Please let us know. I would live to purchase these. Thanks! 😊

Lory said...

hey ladies... I'm not thinking clearly... I marked them half off. I just didn't mark it as discounted price... I did do it correctly now & extended PRINT IT for 50% off today also. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Sorry for the confusion. (i'll blame it on too much sun rather than old age ;)

Unknown said...