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Sunday, June 29, 2014

50% off - Daily Deal - Day 8

Today's deal means my vacation is over!! BOO!
I hope you've had fun this past week in your own way and that you've been able to 
find a few Daily Deals that might help out in your classroom!

The final  daily deal is PIG MATH!!
Nothing stinky about this file... it is awesome!
The goal of PIG MATH is to help our students master their math facts!
They do and they LOVE the simple set up and challenge.

I've posted about PIG MATH here and here!

Next up... Las Vegas Baby!!!
TPT is having  their 1st Annual Conference.
I'm so excited to put cute faces to blogs and their writers!!

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

50% off Daily Deals - Day 7

Who doesn't love to learn with a bit of a snack!!
It is great fun to review math skills with a small treat to manipulate, add, subtract, graph and more.
Today's 50% off deal is on all of my FOOD MATH activities.
I'll posted a few below... but there are more, too !
I've posted about some here and here.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Basic Math Fact Fun...

It was a rainy day in Bear Lake today!!
We swam indoors, played SKIPBO and Scrabble... visited,  napped and 
played on the computer!

These games took me back a few years when I felt like I was making 
one page game boards for my kiddos all the time.

Monster Math Games are printables rather than laminated colored copies. 
Depending on where they are on their math fact memorization... all they need to do is grab a partner, game board, dice and crayon for a bit of fun and practice.

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50% off Daily Deals - Day 6

Today's deal is all about sparking the little writers in each of our kiddos!

A couple years ago I was searching for a way to get my students writing more.
We discussed main ideas, details, beginning, middle and end etc. etc.
Something was just missing... I began by finding individual pictures about various topics.
We used the pictures to help us add details and substance.
Then one evening (only teachers dream about classrooms ;)  I had this format come to mind.  With such amazing clipart artists out there... I was able to create all sorts of topics and Write On cards.  It always made me smile when I had a student come up to me to "request" a Write On topic. 
We use these in Daily 5 and anytime we want to add a bit to our portfolio or writing journal.
I've blog about Write Ons here and here.

Because of your support and encouragement I have continued
 to create and bundle Write Ons.
Set 5, Set 6 and Set 7  are available, too.
The description of each set gives the titles found inside.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

50% off - Daily Deals - Day 5

Today's deal is all about print-ables.

You'll notice that I started these in January and completed them each month of the school year.  I love them.  I copied the pages back to back at the beginning of the month and it was so nice to have something ready for those 5 minutes here and there OR great for a substitute day.  The kids really enjoyed them also... I've complete September already and have October all over my laptop...  Nov and Dec. are outlined and ready for inspiration ;)

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

50% off Daily Deal - Day 4

It's not ALL math in my classroom ;)
Today I'm marking all of my  Literacy Centers 50% off.
We love these during Daily 5!!
Each month covers the 12 standards (on the cover). 
They progressively get harder each month.
By the end of the year... the kids know their contractions, suffixes, 
compound words and so much more!
I've shared the literacy center set up here and here.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

50% off Daily Deals - Day 3

Today's deal is Math Stations!!

I created 2nd Grade Math Stations years ago.
Was encouraged to create 1st grade a year later...
and had my arm twisted to complete 3rd grade this year!!
4-5 years ago I was invited to join a summer blog study of
Debbie Diller's Math Stations Book.
It was a great experience.  I met wonderful ladies and learned a ton!!
You can check out the book study here .

Now that my math stations are copied, laminated, cut and stored... it is fantastic!!
I've posted about them here and here.

p.s. My boxes were full and ready to go with September's Stations before I closed my classroom for the summer... I have one thing ready for Back to School ;)

1st Grade - September
2nd Grade - September
3rd Grade - September
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Monday, June 23, 2014

50% off Daily Deal - Day 2

My all time best seller is Daily Math.
I created it for my class years ago. 
I wanted to be able to offer my students a quick daily review
 of the various math topics each day of the school year. 
 This is my morning starter...
the kids come in, hang up their backpacks and pick up their Daily Math.
We correct it together (most days). 
This helps see their mistakes and how to correct them.

I've posted about them here.
 Grade 1
 Grade 3
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

50% off Deals - Day 1

A few years ago I created these word family sets. 
I've blogged about them here and here.
They have become one of my best selling items in the store....
Today they are 50% off!!!

20 word families to begin the year...
-ack, -ag, -ail, -ain, -am, -ank, -ap, -at, -ay,
-eed, -ick, -ig, -ill, -ing, -ip, 
-ot, -out, -ug, -unk, -y

22 word families in this set...
ame, and, atch, ate, eat,en, est, 
et, ice, ight, in, ine, ock, og, op, ope,
 ound, ow, uck, un, ush, ust            

13 word families ...
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