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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sending home math manipulatives with kids

5 more days of school!!! YIKES!
As we are cleaning up and returning things back to school, 
I thought I'd share something that has worked really well for my families.

My math homework consists on math games rather than worksheets so...
each year I check out a Math Tool Kit to each family.
It is very basic... (see photo) however, I get each returned at the end of the year and am able to use them over and over with little management.

The reason they were on my mind is because many brought them back today.
I copied a new contract (yellow this year - blue last year).
Placed the contents in a new baggie and made sure the spinner, 3 dice and 20 transparent chips were zipped inside.
That's it... they are ready to go home next school year with my new students ;)
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Unknown said...

I was thinking you sent them home at the end of the year as a gift to students. I am happy to find out that is not the case. Do you give students a prize or treat for bringing the kit back?

Jennifer said...

Great idea!

Lory said...

thanks ladies... Emelie, I didn't give them a treat just a smile and thank you :)

Kim Jemmings said...

Would you be willing to share your contract for families using the math tools kit? Thanks

Lory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lory said...

I'd be happy to. I'll post it asap ;)

Unknown said...

VERY smart! I usually just send home the math games with the manipulatives enclosed… how much smarter is your idea??
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