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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Target Gift Cards

It's that time of year again when I ponder on the saying
"It's takes a village to raise a child."
We bought TARGET gift cards for all of Max's teachers and aides  
this year... and the bus drivers too... attached to a bag of M&Ms.

So grateful for the loving hands that help us!!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sending home math manipulatives with kids

5 more days of school!!! YIKES!
As we are cleaning up and returning things back to school, 
I thought I'd share something that has worked really well for my families.

My math homework consists on math games rather than worksheets so...
each year I check out a Math Tool Kit to each family.
It is very basic... (see photo) however, I get each returned at the end of the year and am able to use them over and over with little management.

The reason they were on my mind is because many brought them back today.
I copied a new contract (yellow this year - blue last year).
Placed the contents in a new baggie and made sure the spinner, 3 dice and 20 transparent chips were zipped inside.
That's it... they are ready to go home next school year with my new students ;)
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bright Ideas... Manipulative Management

 2nd grade is all about hands-on math and manipulatives.
My Bright Idea tip is a quick and easy manip management for your classroom.
One of my favorite sayings is:
"Clean up is easy...
If, everything has a home!!"

Give your manipulatives a home and label them!
No one has to ask you where it goes or where to find it.
Your students can pitch in and help OR get the tools they need independently.

FYI  In my CHIPS drawer I created these little containers (from the Dollar Tree) with 2 different colored counters already inside.  Easy and quick for 2 player activities.

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Looking for more ideas, please browse through the link up below and choose a topic/grade level that interests you! Thanks for visiting!!

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

3rd Grade Debbie Diller style Math Station

After many kind and convincing emails and comments...
I'm happy to announce that I have created and posted
3rd Grade Math Stations for SEPTEMBER.
Similar to the 1st and 2nd grade stations that I made after reading 
Debbie Diller's Math Stations book.

Each month will contain 12 different math stations from the 4 critical areas of the common core curriculum.  Page 1 is an outline for the month to let you know what those 12 standards are.

Each station contains a Task Card with instructions, a hands-on activity, independent assignment to complete (in a student booklet for easy management) and a game board for students to practice their basic math facts until the timer ends the station work time.

I have posted my management and organization ideas here.
I posted a math station rotation chart for anyone interested.
My summer task list has officially begun with OCT, NOV, DEC etc.
However, I wanted to post SEPTEMBER before summer break. 

I hope they are what you'd hoped for.
The skills will progressively become harder with each month with
the structure remaining the same.
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Student Driven Data

A bit ago in my Bright Ideas Blog Post... I referred to my student goal sheets.
I received many, many comments through email and TPT to share a bit more... so I hope this helps.

We call them Student Driven Data.
Basically, we fill them out each Monday morning.
We check the progress on our term goals in 4 various activities.
Reading Skills is a FABULOUS product (created my dear friend... I'm convincing her to open a TPT store and post it... I'll keep you posted!!) They practice their phonics, fluency, comprehension, grammar etc.
Another area is Reading Wheel.  This is new for us.  We've been using AR for YEARS and next year... it will not be funded ;(   We decided to continue our reading routine but instead of counting AR points... each student will be required to read 2 books from the various genre forms.  We are creating a small booklet for the 16 books (per term) for students to complete after reading the book.
PIG Math is all about math fact memorization.  Some say "don't do it!"  I say "do it now"! Get those facts memorized in a quick, fun way!
Math Probe is a school wide math assessment we give our students each week.  It is 2 minutes on a Friday and exciting to see their progress on grade specific skills they need to know.  (Fuchs and Fuchs is the author)

Each week we use a different color crayon to color in our weekly progress.
They go home in the homework folder and reviewed with mom and dad.
This way they are aware of how their child is progressing toward their term goals (marked with a star).  There are no surprises at report card and conference time.
Parents have commented very positively about this sheet!
Parents sign each week and we repeat the process until the end of the term!

My sweet co-worker (I love my team... I'm so lucky!!) shared a great idea to put the student goal on the sheet also since we are looking at it so often.  Sometimes the district forms don't get seen too often.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day. End of Year Gifts... oh my!

It's May... so much to celebrate!!!
Tomorrow we are reviewing with our Cinco de Mayo stations.
compound words,
plurals - s, es, ies
place value,
ABC order and more!!

Darling literature to share on May 5th!!

Tri-fold of information

Candy Awards for the students on the last day of school.
These are half page and are darling printed in color OR printed on bright colored paper.
A list of candy bars/candy is included.

 I give my kiddos a small bag of gumballs along with a gumball machine for each month of summer to encourage them to read over the summer.
The little poem goes something like... read until the flavor is gone ;)

After learning so many math skills throughout the year...
I give the kids 36 game boards
(along with transparent chips, dice and a spinner... all attached on a silver ring)
to play and review their skills all summer long.

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