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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Goal Motivation for Kids

Today, I’m excited to be part of a blog hop of great ideas- 
not products, not freebies, but just fantastic teaching ideas!

My topic is one that is simple, inexpensive and surprising motivating for the students.
Each term, we set reading and math goals to achieve.
All term long we complete our Student Driven Data weekly.
This shows the student and parent the progress towards each goal.

We fill it out Monday ... it goes home in our homework folder... is signed by the parent and returned in the homework folder on Friday.
This keeps the connection between school and home
 and eliminates surprises at the end of the term.

At the end of each term (usually at SEP Conferences w/ parents) we bring my little green bucket out.  Inside are colorful pony beads to match the term task card.

Individually we meet and discuss their progress for the term.
For each goal they accomplish, they get to put a bead on their ring.
(Each child has a large silver ring on their chair with their initial shown in beads)
We go through each and every goal (task) and the kids announce if they made the goal or not... high fives were given, pats on the backs were shared... and sadly ... for the students who had to say 'no'... goals were set.
This really affected parents ... many asked... what can we do at home to ensure "Suzy" earns this bead next term?  (not goal... but bead ;)
The goals could be ANYTHING... the beads could be more EXCITING than pony beads.
I  have loved it (along with  my 3 co-workers).
SIMPLE and in-expensive but MOTIVATIONAL and visual.

Students have no idea... but
At the end of the year, we plan to have a celebration!
They are excited to just receive the beads ;)
We will fill 20 (5 beads x 4 terms)  little buckets with various awards...
 (erasers, pencils, stickers, treats, books, gum to chew for an hour, extra recess etc). 
Students with 1 bead can have the item in bucket #1.
Students with 6 beads can have the item in bucket #6... and so on.
(Bucket #1 will be the smallest.... gradually getting larger and better to Bucket #20)

I noticed those that didn't get all their beads in term 1...
improved for the other terms.  
Parents recognized the visual representation that their student wanted... 
not just to achieve the goal... but add another bead to their ring.
Colorful and fun with lots of progress!!!
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Unknown said...

Hello, could you tell me where I could get the student driven data pages? I checked your TPT store, but I couldn't find them. Do you offer them?


Lory said...

They are not in my TPT store... they are pretty specific to your classroom goals. I'd be happy to help you create one if you'd like ;)

Krystal said...

Thanks for sharing such a great idea :) love this!!

Unknown said...

What do you use for math probe?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Thank you.

The Colorful Apple said...

Love your weekly goal sheets! Such a great way to keep students accountable and parents informed. Thanks for sharing your idea!

Sara :)
The Colorful Apple

Unknown said...

I love this idea, What are the titles of your four areas. It looks like we share similarities but I can't tell from the picute. I can make out the AR area nut not the others.

Unknown said...

Hey Ms. Lori!
I was looking at your data sheet with my instructional coach and we love it!!! What are the subheadings that you have on the front where the student is tracking their data? We were also trying to figure out what the color coding was.

Thanks a bunch!

Shannon Dupree

Suzanne said...

I love your goal sheet idea! I would love to make something similar if you would be willing to help! What do you do for your below/far below basic students, ELL and SDC students? Do you give them the same goals, even though you know the likelihood of them making them is low?

Stacey Brown said...

Yes, I would really like to have the Student Driven Data Weekly sheet.