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Friday, March 28, 2014

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Math Stations... Simple, Easy, Fun and Effective!

I wish I knew the best way to explain my Math Stations.
I've said it many times, I like it simple, clear and meaningful.
So ... in a nutshell... here is how I run my math stations in my 2nd grade class.

Each month I cover 12 CC standards.
4 from each domain:
Base Ten Notation
Fluency w/ Addition and Subtraction

This can be found on page 1 of my centers... below is March.

Storing the completed set.  I am going on year 3 of using these.
The first year, I had the expense and lamination to cut... however,
since then... it's been easy!!
I use these fancy storage boxes (he! he!... yes that is a gift box ;)
Each month has its own box.

The bottom picture (of the post) shows what the inside of the fancy box looks like.
12 large baggies of math station task card, talk card, activity, manipulatives etc.

I took pictures today of our last rotation in March.
I have 12 pairs of kids working around the room... completing their activity in the box, completing their workbook and then playing a math facts game board until the timer goes off.  Each station has its own game board to practice their various math facts.

When the timer went off, I reminded them that we were finished for the month.
They needed to place ALL pieces inside the bag for their station.
Clean off the white board and organize the chips and dice.
I then called up station #1:
1 partner brought me the supplies (bag)
1 partner lined the box on the floor
I repeated through #12.

Once I had all 12 large baggies of March Math Stations in my hands,
I place them BACK in the March (gift) box and back into my file cabinet.
The kids handed in their math notebooks (because all pages were completed), then packed up their back pack.
While they were doing this...
I took out April's (gift) box and loaded the 12 plastic boxes for the students.
It took about 3 minutes ;)

A quick thing that I did learn that has helped tremendously...
I number my booklet pages 1-12.
If the skill on page 1 is clocks... I make sure that box 1 has the clock supplies.
page 2... box 2
page 3... box 3...
it really helps the kids keep track of the stations.

I have a rotation chart that I rotated each day we do centers, however the kids are pretty good predicting where they'll go next since they use the Punch Pass each day (punch the station number they did that day)

Last thing... copy the April Math Stations booklet.
I copy them back to back to save paper.
They will turn them in the last day of April and we'll repeat the process for May.

Simple, easy and effective ;)
I'd be happy to answer any questions... that I'm sure I missed even though I read your emails many, many times. 
I know there are many wonderful ways that teachers use math stations. 
It is always fun to check it out through the blogs.
I am so grateful for the many examples that have taught me so much via the internet ;)
1 more day until Spring Break!!!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

3rd Grade Daily Math COMPLETE!!!! & SUNSHINE SALE!

We are having a bEaUTiFUl spring day here in Utah...
I am celebrating with a sale and cleaning out the flower beds
 all while feeling the warm sun.... wA-hOO!!

The project is COMPLETE!!!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Organizing my Math Mess

I have been asked how I organize my math  in order to keep things simple and easy.
So I thought I'd begin with my math lesson materials and homework... 

Math Homework...
I believe in it and want my kiddos to do it and enjoy it with their family members.
My school district has its own math program and a part of it is called School-Home Connection.  I believe that bridging the gap between home and school is so important. Parents need to know what is going on at school... they need to evaluate whether their student comprehends the math concept for the week. They need to praise their student or encourage and provide practice for them.  Last summer, I decided I wanted to provide the school-home connection BUT step it up a bit.
I wanted to introduce the Common Core standards (for parental awareness) and give the kids a different option each night to practice the specific math concept.
My math homework is 1 page/week... printed back to back.  
I keep my copies in a small binder like the one above.
I take it out once a term and copy all 9 weeks at the same time.
(notice the stack below for term 4... just copied them ;)

Math Homework goes home on Monday and returns on Friday.
Kids decide 1 activity to do a night and then color the square in after completing it.
The requirement is 4 colored boxes /week... however, I have many kids that choose complete many or all each week. 
Parents sign that paper and kids return it to me on Friday.
Once or twice a term I hand them back to the kids and they put them on their silver ring of games (pictured above).
I pull these out at SEP Conferences and discuss their work/progress and amount they brought back for the term.  Parents were surprised to see that I kept them and held them accountable for completing and returning each one.

I divided my lessons into weeks of a specific topics/standard (matching my district's scope and sequence).  Each week I teach a specific standard.  I file the books, lessons, activities, games and quizzes in the same file for quick assess.

Friday afternoon is SCOOT time.  My kids love it and expect it.
 Friday after lunch (12:35-1:25)... (we have early out Friday)... we spend the remainder of the day rotating through SCOOT activities.  I break the kids into 4 groups (tables), set the timer for 7 minutes and watch them review their math skills for the week and show their stuff. 1 group is rotating through 12 Scoot cards, 1 group is matching and playing memory with a set of cards, 1 group is completing a specific page in their Scoot booklet and the last group is completing the final page in their booklet.  I always set the timer for 4 extra minutes (after the rotations) so they can finish up any rotation they didn't quite complete.
Their Scoot booklet is their "ticket" out the door Friday.
Scoot provides me another assessment and opportunity to watch and assess their understanding.

At the beginning of the year, I send home this bag of math tools...along with a simple contract.  They use these tools to complete their homework all year.
The final week of school... I call them back... clean them up and attach them onto their silver ring of games.  They love getting them all back.
More importantly... they have many games to practice and play over the summer.

I will cover Math Stations soon... they are definitely a HUGE part of my math,
but again... SIMPLE to share and implement.
Have a great week!!

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2.NBT.B.7 3 Digit Addition with Regrouping

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fun In March ... Lucky Charm Math and More

I love March!!
Maybe it's the sunshine... maybe it's the flowers and birds...
maybe it's closing in on 4th term ????
Maybe it's the fun activities we can do together in class.
Lucky Charm Math... always a winner...
 learning, reviewing with a treat... sweet!

This year it is CHOCOLATE Lucky Charm math... Yum!

Centers and Book Report

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March Literacy Centers

It's hard for me to believe we are already working on MARCH activities!!
This year is going so quickly!

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bright Ideas BLOG HOP... Potty Plates

Today, I’m excited to be part of a blog hop of great ideas- 
not products, not freebies, but just fantastic teaching ideas!

My topic is one that I'd only discuss with my teacher friends...
Years ago, a dear friend (co-worker) of mine shared a 
fabulous, simple, basic, bright idea that has saved me (for years now)!

Many of us have a name plate on our student's desk...
well... why not put that plate to better use 

I have a simple Velcro dot stuck to the corner of each student desk.
Each year I add the clip art image (class mascot) and the name of each student on the name plate.  I put a adhering Velcro dot on the back and we're ready to go.
The first day of school they find their desk and later on that day I explain the importance and purpose of the name plate.

 Above my classroom light switch... I also have 2 Velcro dots.
I explain one is for ladies and the other for gentlemen.

If they have a potty emergency, they are excused to take their name plate off their desk and attach it above the light switch.  If another gentlemen is gone (and they are a gentlemen) they MUST wait.  Only 1 lady and 1 gentlemen are permitted to use the bathroom at the same time (cuts back on bathroom mischief).

You might be thinking... I have students that would use and abuse the system.
If they do... just review the definition of an 'emergency'... and...
that friend looses their pass for the rest of the day or week (depending on situation)

Parents enjoy the respect and Independence you give their students AND
I LOVE the fact that I am not interrupted for 'that' student situation.
I notice they quietly leave...
mentally... I'm aware,
but not annoyed and out of patience from
 answering the question 50x/day and being interrupted!

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make the difference.
I hope this BRIGHT IDEA can help your classroom, too!!
xo Lory

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