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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Telling Time to 5 Minutes & freebie

With Daily Math... my kiddos are coming along great with telling time to the 5 minutes, however, this upcoming week we are going to cover / review all the bases!!
Travel Time Homework
Math Helps Telling Times
and we'll end the week with Travel Time Scoot

Click here for Time Travel.
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Karen F. said...

Thank you!! My own 2nd grader is having difficulty with this and this is a perfect fun thing to do on a snow day :-)

Disneymum (Kristi) said...

Thank you so much. This will be a great review for my students

Unknown said...

Thank you!! This will be a great review to put in my Guided Math rotation!

Kickin It Whole Brain In Texas

Unknown said...

There is an error in this game. The top clock on both sides says 1:40 but there is not a 1:40 time on the spinner.

Lory said...

Thank you Emelie... I'll look into it ;)