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Thursday, February 20, 2014

February Task Cards

I received a few questions about how, where and when I use my task cards. 

You know the students that ALWAYS have everything done correct and quick?
They are the friends that have a TASK CARD booklet in their desk!
 (Right now I have 9 students in my classroom using them...
many are improving their work to get one ;)
Whenever they have completed their assignment and are caught up with everything they are invited to
walk over to the wall and choose a set of task cards they have not completed in their monthly booklet.
Yes... I said wall... I'm all for simplicity. 
 Each set is on a silver ring and each ring is hanging on a pushpin.
Easy to get... easy to return. 

Switching out the months is just as easy!  I grab a dozen rubber bands, take off the ring... rubber band the set... put the  new set on the ring and hang it up!

I wish I had a more impressive system.
Truth be told... I'm just a simple gal ;)

March Task Cards are now available!!

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1 comment:

Teaching Little Miracles said...

Hi Lory! I like the idea of a task card wall. My kids do "choices" when they finish their work which include reading, math wraps, or word work choices. The task cards would be a nice addition. I know my kiddos would like a new challenge. :-)