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Monday, January 20, 2014

Math Homework for the Whole Year & sample

 I've received a few emails regarding my new Common Core Math Homework.
I'm so glad that many of you have enjoyed it as much as I have... you never know ;)
First, it is new this year. 
 My team and I were concerned about the amount of paper sent home each week and honestly... how much were the kids enjoying and completing it.
I believe in homework.  I think it is a great way to bridge the gap between school and home.  With the new COMMON CORE... I thought this might be the chance to create my 'idea' and see how things fly.
I wanted it to be simple, organized, informative and fun.
Thus... the one page/week math homework was born ;)
I went through our district's math program and broke the CC standards into weeks.
Each standard received it's own week. SO...
Side 1
- indicates the topic,
- CC standard code,
- 9 choices for homework (dealing with the specific standard)
Students are required to complete 1/night...
students that want "extra credit" can do up to 9/week.
- student name and parent signature
Side 2:
game board dealing with the standard
(one of the nine options from the other side)
When the students return them on Friday, I account for them and then set them aside for a slow day when we have a few minutes to hand them back out to kids and put them on their silver ring (see the above picture... this particular student has earned a lot of "extra credit" since she colored in and completed so many activities).

This side shows the various game boards.

This shows my complicated organization system :)
Half way through the year...
By the time the school year is over, each student will have a set of 36 math game boards to play with over the summer.
The parents and students have really enjoyed them. 

This is math homework for one week... click here for a sample.
If I missed a question, please leave me a comment and I'll answer it ASAP!!


Unknown said...

Do you have this for third grade? I would be interested in it! It looks fabulous!

Lory said...

I do not. I have 2nd only. I'd be happy to work with you to create the 3rd. I'd need to know the 36 topics that you'd like covered. My email is evansfamily_248@msn.com.

Kandia Cross said...

Can you include the cover in the TPT unit?
Or did I just miss it?

Michelle said...

I've been using these for 1st grade this year and have been able to use them almost every other week. There are a few I won't be able to use, but it's still a great price for what we can use.

Unknown said...

It’s great to know your students are enjoying your Math homework. That’s very unusual to hear, so your homework must be noteworthy, so much so that it keeps them interested. Keep it up! I hope you’ll be one of those teachers who could change their students’ perception and attitude towards a difficult subject. Sarah @ GradePower Learning