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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Groundhogs Day & Freebie

I'm hoping for a cloudy day this year ;)
Blue skies, warmer weather and birds chirping sounds fabulous!!
Does anyone ever want him to see his shadow? Where might they live?

Here is a freebie for a bit of Groundhog Day fun.
If you want more check here.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Candy Heart Math

I can't believe it's almost February!!
Saturday I was grocery shopping and ran into one of my disgusting LOVES... candy hearts!
 I love them!!! I buy bags of them... for me ;(
One day, I hope to grow up and buy vegetables but not this year!!

Each year I love to do candy heart math with my kiddos.
This activity takes the BASIC Brach's bag.  It has 2 versions, one to use with the white hearts and one to use with the blue hearts.

Another favorite is The Little Old Lady.
I actually have a substitute in February and I plan to pull this out and let them enjoy it the whole day... a little math, a little language arts, a little art.
These Little Old Lady files are lots of fun, and a great review... but fabulous for a sub ;)

What is a Valentine favorite in your classroom? 
 Leave a comment and I'll give an Old Lady file away on Sunday!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Math Homework for the Whole Year & sample

 I've received a few emails regarding my new Common Core Math Homework.
I'm so glad that many of you have enjoyed it as much as I have... you never know ;)
First, it is new this year. 
 My team and I were concerned about the amount of paper sent home each week and honestly... how much were the kids enjoying and completing it.
I believe in homework.  I think it is a great way to bridge the gap between school and home.  With the new COMMON CORE... I thought this might be the chance to create my 'idea' and see how things fly.
I wanted it to be simple, organized, informative and fun.
Thus... the one page/week math homework was born ;)
I went through our district's math program and broke the CC standards into weeks.
Each standard received it's own week. SO...
Side 1
- indicates the topic,
- CC standard code,
- 9 choices for homework (dealing with the specific standard)
Students are required to complete 1/night...
students that want "extra credit" can do up to 9/week.
- student name and parent signature
Side 2:
game board dealing with the standard
(one of the nine options from the other side)
When the students return them on Friday, I account for them and then set them aside for a slow day when we have a few minutes to hand them back out to kids and put them on their silver ring (see the above picture... this particular student has earned a lot of "extra credit" since she colored in and completed so many activities).

This side shows the various game boards.

This shows my complicated organization system :)
Half way through the year...
By the time the school year is over, each student will have a set of 36 math game boards to play with over the summer.
The parents and students have really enjoyed them. 

This is math homework for one week... click here for a sample.
If I missed a question, please leave me a comment and I'll answer it ASAP!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Chinese New Year & Giveaway & Freebie

Looking to celebrate Chinese New Year?
January 31, 2014 is coming WAY to fast!!
We are just finishing our 2nd term today... where is the school year going?
Anyway, Friday the 31st we are celebrating... with a bit of math, literacy, poetry and art.
Math Stations include:even and odd
word problems
missing addends
10 more/10 less
Literacy Stations include:
ABC Order
Making words
Compound Words
Students will rotate through the stations with a student booklet (with the independent assignments copied back to back in booklet form to save paper and improve organization.)

I purchased these items to help celebrate the day.
We will use the coins for our math manips.
The wind up dragons... we are going to measure the distance it travels in inches and cm.
The hats were just for a fun, cute Chinese New Year picture for their portfolio.
I couldn't resist the tattoos... do I dare decorate my students?????

I bought the do-dads below at Oriental Trading.

Dragon mask just add a little craft stick ;)

Leave a comment with something fun to do on Chinese New Year!
I'll give the file and a banner away on Sunday. Don't want to wait... I put it on sale for $4 through the weekend!
Happy Friday!!!

Congratulations Amy... send me your email ;)

Monday, January 13, 2014

February Task Cards Giveaway

Congratulations Melinda!!!  Check your email ;)

I posted February Task Cards this weekend.  I have really enjoyed this easy (to prepare ;), extra activity in my classroom.  Right now I only have 8 students working on them. They are actually thought of as a reward.  These 8 kids are just FANTASTIC!  They are on or above grade level, super readers, responsible, respectful... the whole kit and ka-bootle!  When I introduced the idea to them, I explained that not everyone would be receiving a task card booklet. I explained that they didn't need to talk them up or make others feel bad, however, I wanted them to know that I appreciated their hard work and wanted to reward them with an extra challenge.  Before our chat was over (in the hallway with just the 8)... a cute little boy said, "Mrs. Evans, I know it's kind of a secret, but do you think I can tell my mom and dad?  I think they'd be real proud of me!"  AahHH! So sweet!!!  They turn their booklets in before the end of the month... I write a quick note to them along with "extra credit points".  It hasn't been work for me but a booster for their self esteem.  What have you found for those fast finishers? I'd love to hear.  Leave your idea (and email) and I'll draw a winner for the February set on Thursday!
Happy Monday!! xo
I was asked how I manage the cards.... pretty simple.  I have a small spot on my wall in the corner, under the TV.  I just used push pins and silver rings.  
(Looks like I had a little helper on the bottom right hand corner ;)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Martin Luther King Jr. Day GIVEAWAY

January is slipping away quickly.
January 20th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be here shortly. 
 I find it a great time to share and discuss civil rights and equality. 
 I always try to steer the discussions towards good people doing good things for everyone.
Below I listed some of my favorite MLK Jr. books that we share in our classroom.
The kiddos always complete a terrific informational writing piece about this hero and special day.

This last book is one of my favorites for this MLK Jr. Day... The Crayon Box That Talked.
We complete this activity to wrap up our great week.

If you're looking for a fun, informational mini unit or writing idea... leave a comment below and I'll draw a winner for the MLK unit AND a winner for the Write On file on Sunday night!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Print It... & Teach!

Need any quick activities not requiring any prep... this might be a file for you.
Inside you'll find 10 language and 10 math printables.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Daily Math Update

What a project this has been!
I'm so glad that so many of you have found these beneficial to your classrooms!
Grade 1 and Grade 2 are completed ...

Grade 3... we are working on term 4 now!
Thanks for your patience!!