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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Serious January Special

I might be NUTS... but I love this time of year in the classroom.
The kiddos come back a bit more mature, familiar with the routine and ready to dig in.
These are my must haves for January.
... I'm putting them for a steal of a deal! xo
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Happy New Year Sale

I'm celebrating with a sale today and tomorrow
start here

Happy New Year Friends!
Here's to a fabulous 2015!!
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Monday, December 29, 2014

Math Assessments for the Whole Year

I'm in the process of creating a new math product
that can be used for an assignment, activity or assessment.

 I've been using 2nd Grade Math Assessments for the Whole Year as a guide so that I make sure I cover each standard!!

I updated this file and put it on sale ... if you're looking for a quick, easy, one page assessment for each standard... check it out here.
1st Grade is available here.
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Antonym Freebie

It's a FREEBIE and it's here!

We love SCOOT in the classroom!  One thing I struggled with was always have enough cards to scoot to with the whole class... so... I added my own variation of SCOOT. We use it every Friday for our math assessment/culminating activity.
I divide the kids into 4 groups (actually already grouped because I have 4 tables), give each child a Scoot booklet, set out the materials, set the timer for 7 minutes (we rotate or SCOOT four times) and watch them work, review and prove what they know.  It's a very productive and active 30 minutes!! Try it out.
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Student Gift from Teacher

I love the breaks... oh, how I love the breaks, however,
it is frustrating to see how quickly the kids lose progress and skills
 we've worked so hard on...SO...
this year... to go along with my gift... 
(winter hat, silver bell... from Polar Express Day)
each student will receive this little goodie.

Upon completion of the booklet... they'll receive a new box of crayons, glue stick and pencil (as a 2nd grade team we have always given them these supplies anyways ;) 
to start the new year.

It is nothing hard... just a good review, fun refresher and place to record their reading over Winter Break! 

One week left!!
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Classroom Snowball Fight!!

Hi Friends... it's that time of the year... snowflakes, snowmen and snowball fights!!
Have you read Jimmy Fallon's Snowball Fight?
It's as adorable as he is!!
Read it to your students and then....

...have your own classroom snowball fight!

Grab a bag of mini marshmallows and bag of balloons ... 
invite your students to bring in an empty toilet paper roll and you are set!

First, cut the top inch of the balloon off.
Second, stretch the balloon over one end of the toilet paper roll.
Third, (optional... but so darn cute ;) 
 secure the balloon with a bit of decorative duck tape.
Last, drop a mini marshmallow into your shooter, pull the balloon back and 
launch your snowball.

Check out my daughter here...

I guarantee hours of fun for the kiddos at recess and home.
For a bit of academic support... set up a few targets for the kids to aim at.
Kids can add up their totals for a math activity and competition.

Looking for some yummy Holiday Recipes?

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Money games

This past week we started our money unit...WOW!
I have a few students that don't know any coin names or values... and...
a handful that can count coins up to $5.00!

Not that anyone cares what Lory thinks... but,
I think it is CRAZY that money is introduced and taught AND mastered in 2nd Grade.
We've made great progress... I taught the kids about "hair and legs" (I posted it here)
 to count groups of various coins.  The skip counting by five has been a 
tremendous help to many of my little ones.


We have used the game boards above along with the many

 We've read many books..
I'm so grateful for fun math literature to share with my kiddos.

Next week we add the bills...

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Organizing Wonders

We are just finishing up Unit 2... you'd think I would have a strong hold on the reading program.... huh... not yet. However, it is starting to click a bit.  
I created some very simple data charts to help me see when I teach what and how often they'll be taught.  I makes me happy to know what is coming up in the curriculum and when it will be taught again.  I want to feel organized with this...
 just think next year will be such a breeze ;)

Click here if you'd like to take a peek.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Thank You Gift From Me

I am nearing 5,000 friends and followers in my Tpt Store.
I am so grateful for the many new friends and professional encouragement.
This past week during Cyber Sale... I sold many monthly 
 "Teacher, I'm Done" Task Card sets.
As a thank you,
 I have created a set with a fairy tale theme to be used any month.
For a limited time it is FREE to you as a thank you gift!
Sincerely, Lory
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Daily Math Deal

Educents has my 2nd grade Daily Math Bundle 31% off right now.
The whole year for 13.99!!!
Check it out... they have some other great deals also!!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Compound Words

This week we are discussing compound words.
We have had a great time discussing what they are and what they are NOT.
I love when they divide a word into 2 syllables and
 are sure it's a compound word... ugh! :)

This cute book from Rick Walton has been used and used... 
but the kids love it and they begin to see the idea in their little minds.
Funny thing, I showed them how he had autographed my book for me in 2004.
There immediate response was..."I wasn't even born yet!!! 
 Are you a grandma Mrs. Evans?"
but grandmother is a compound word ;)

After completing some whole group activities,
I wanted to see what they understood individually.
Each student chose a compound to illustrate and share.
... I think they got it!!

Compound Words
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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gifts Galore

The Evans' household had a very relaxing long weekend.
It felt so good to sleep in and work in pjs for a bit.
We definitely stayed away from a schedule AND enjoyed it!!

We stayed busy and crossed off many 'to-dos' on our list...
Lance decided he wanted to 'something' for his 75 nurses/techs at the hospital...
so we gather Tic Tacs of plenty (still awaiting the red from Amazon) 
and created a darling bucket of Christmas Tree Sees, Snowman Poops and soon... Reindeer Noses.

Tic Tac labels

Then, sweet Emma decided to make these adorable chocolate nugget gifts.
We wrapped and wrapped for hours!!

We wrapped our neighborhood gifts...

I finished up my Christmas shopping... online...
and got our 12 Days of Christmas ready to go.

This is a fun family tradition that we did when I was a young girl and I've continued it ever since. We choose a family/individual to play elf to during the Christmas season.
For 12 nights we deliver little gifts, goodies and glee to their home.
I keep it simple with tags, brown bags (Dollar Tree).
 I purchase all the gifts and fill the bags (except for the fruit and poinsettia) so when it comes time to ding dong and deliver... we have no worries... we can just enjoy the fun!!

To top it off we decorated the house and ordered our Christmas cards!

Last but not least... I'm filling up my TpT basket for the big 
CYBER SALE Monday and Tuesday.
Be sure to use the code TPTCYBER to save 28%!!

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