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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Deck the Halls Linky Party

These task cards have been a life saver.  I have a handful of students that are SPOT ON!  
Their work is accurate, nice and done quickly.  They are also the type of personalities that LOVE an extra piece of work/fun.  I copied only 1 of each set ( 12 sets in all), put them on a silver ring and hung them on the wall. These 7 kids have the student booklet to record their answers and now independently complete the tasks.  I had a few students ask, "Teacher, how do I get one of those booklets?"
Another student mentioned to his neighbor on another occasion... "I'm going to start working harder so I can get one of those booklets, too!" :)

I don't hide the fact that I LOVE mathematics.  
I didn't as a child, but as an adult... somehow I learned to embrace it.
This little do-dad is just that... a fun spin on the 12 Days of Christmas song only with a mathematics spin.  This file includes a student booklet and charts for group singing.

Daily 5 has changed my Reading, Writing, Word Work instruction!  I love it!  My word work consists of 12 literacy centers that the kids must get through each month.  ABC Order, Synonyms, Antonyms, Compound Words, Prefix, Suffix, Contraction... etc.  We have mini lessons during our "regrouping periods" of Daily 5, but by January, they are on their own.  This file contains a hands on activity and assessment for each of the 12 areas.  January - June include a monthly booklet for students to complete during their WORD WORK choice.

Happy Holidays friends!!

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