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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Fun Day of Feasting

I did something a bit different with my Feast of Fun this year and it worked out really fun... I wanted to share.  Rather than doing the activities as a whole class or rotating through them in partners... I made 4 baskets (I have 4 tables) and just created 4 of each of the activities... even the little student reader.
Then, I put each activity they would need to complete in the student FEAST of FUN booklet and placed it inside the basket and placed it on the tables.  I instructed the students that everything they need will be found in the basket.  They could work independently, as a table, however they'd like.
It was so interesting to see how different groups of people accomplish the same task.  It was WONDERFUL!  I was able to roam the room and take pictures (I'll post later) and watch them succeed in standards that we have already covered.  It was a great review with a Thanksgiving twist.
Some of the topic were: reading comprehension, word work,even and odd, graphing, data, vocabulary, punctuation, contractions,subtraction, tallies, place value and poetry.

I placed a little bag of RUNTS for each child to feast on while they completed their assignment.
It was a great day!!

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