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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tornado Relief Fundraiser

Beginning December 1st, a fabulous winter file full of amazing products will be available...AND... your purchase helps out our fellow educators who have been devastated by Tornadoes.  Many bloggers have jumped on board to assist in the fundraiser.  I donated one of my newest winter printables... Brrr... It's Cold.  I'm sure you won't be disappointed and I'm sure many little hands and teachers will be grateful for your support and kindness.
Check it out here

Thursday, November 28, 2013

'Tis the Season

 Need a FREE Contraction Literacy Center?

How about a fun winter booklet to engage your students when they finish their assignment?

My own student's personal favorite...
Challenge your top students to go above and beyond. 
 These task cards are accompanied with a student booklet for easy organization

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Teacher, I'm Done!" January Task Cards

I have about 10 kids that I have given the Fall and Winter task card booklets to.
Whenever they have a few extra minutes (because they are so darn smart and fast)... they work on the task cards.  They have LOVED them.  I put each set (A-L) each on a small silver ring... then hung them on a wall with push pins.  It was totally easy and low maintenance but a fun addition.
They've been asking for the "next" set... (after the FALL set)  I was hoping to introduce the WINTER set when we were at least experiencing a cold streak... however, it's been sunny and beautiful so they got them today anyways ;)  
The January set is being printed and laminated as I type... 
thanks Krista Wallden for the cute graphics :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Banner Decor


I've promised not to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving...however, before I go home from school tomorrow... I'm going to switch out the Thanksgiving Banner in my window for my new Christmas one ;)
No one will see it until after Thanksgiving break...but it will be great fun to arrive to Christmas cheer on Monday morning ;)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Touched By My Students

We had another great... busy week...
we turned our classroom into the Norbest Turkey Farm with these feathered friends.
Only in a classroom is this chaos acceptable ;)

We've been working on counting coins in math.
I introduced them to the strategy of hairs and legs on the coins.
The kiddos are doing really well.

I received an email from a friend inquiring "hairs and legs"...
legs are worth 5 cents and hair 1 cent...
I cannot take credit for the idea... I'm just grateful someone thought of the strategy.
The students still have to be able to recognize the coins, and recall their value... it just gives them another strategy to count a group of coins.

...and added a bit of art to the Thanksgiving story.  
The kids were so excited to draw the pictures free hand. 

On Tuesday, we began our Daily 5 with a Ready Freddy, Thanks for Giving book.

 It's about a class that has a food drive to help others at Thanksgiving.  My sweet little kiddos got a wild hair... and organized their own food drive within about 5 minutes... it went something like this... "Mrs. Evans we can all bring in cans of vegetables, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce and gravy and you can buy a turkey."  I was almost teary eyed.
The following morning, cans and cans and cans of food were brought in.
Next week we only have class for 2 days, so we are going to organized the food into 2 big baskets... I'll get the turkeys and deliver them Tuesday night on my way home.
I love these kids... they constantly teach me and touch my life.
Gratitude is good!!
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Fun Day of Feasting

I did something a bit different with my Feast of Fun this year and it worked out really fun... I wanted to share.  Rather than doing the activities as a whole class or rotating through them in partners... I made 4 baskets (I have 4 tables) and just created 4 of each of the activities... even the little student reader.
Then, I put each activity they would need to complete in the student FEAST of FUN booklet and placed it inside the basket and placed it on the tables.  I instructed the students that everything they need will be found in the basket.  They could work independently, as a table, however they'd like.
It was so interesting to see how different groups of people accomplish the same task.  It was WONDERFUL!  I was able to roam the room and take pictures (I'll post later) and watch them succeed in standards that we have already covered.  It was a great review with a Thanksgiving twist.
Some of the topic were: reading comprehension, word work,even and odd, graphing, data, vocabulary, punctuation, contractions,subtraction, tallies, place value and poetry.

I placed a little bag of RUNTS for each child to feast on while they completed their assignment.
It was a great day!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

17 Thanksgiving Activities & Christmas Around the World

I updated my So... It's Thanksgiving FEAST OF FUN file this week.
I added a bit more AND included the printables in a student booklet to help with our paper saving efforts.  If you have already purchased this product, be sure to download the newer version!!  TGIF ;)

How do you celebrate the December holidays?  
My classroom packs their bag and 'travels' around the world.
We spend a day or 2 in one of six countries.  We begin the travel while reading a specific picture book, then pull out the globes and maps, discuss the traditions and flag, share a recipe and end with a craftivity to bring home as a souvenir.
Our luggage is a small carry-on (6x6" booklet) tied with a cute bow.
It's fun to see the traditions we have adopted and others taking place all around the world at this magical time.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Veteran's Day

Last year I shared this fabulous book with my class on Veteran's Day. 
 I was so impressed with the author's sweet touch.
The rest of the day with completed this student booklet
remembering our Veterans and celebrating 11/11!!