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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Friday - SCOOT!!!

We completed our 3rd FRIDAY SCOOT yesterday...and... we've got it down!!
It has been an awesome way to end our early out Friday AND review our math concept for the week (my final student assessment).
We have 4 groups of 6 kids:
1 group works on Memory or Matching cards
1 group rotates through SCOOT cards
1 group completes a color activity of the topic
1 group completes a page on the topic
We set the timer for 6 minutes.
 They work at their specific station...
when the timer goes off...
they gather their colored pencils, pencil and booklet and rotate... & repeat!
I actually had a substitute do this activity last week while I went to a dentist appointment.  You should see the diagram I left for her to follow.  (It is on my school computer... I'll have to post it on Monday... only because it is reDICuloUSly complicated ;)
and makes Mrs. Evans look reDiCulOUS, too!!
I am off with the kids, my mom and sisters to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.
To celebrate the sunshine... I'm throwing a sale over the weekend.
If you are interested, stop by!

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