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Saturday, September 28, 2013


I posted a literacy center FREEBIE tonight geared for October if anyone is interested ;)

Friday - SCOOT!!!

We completed our 3rd FRIDAY SCOOT yesterday...and... we've got it down!!
It has been an awesome way to end our early out Friday AND review our math concept for the week (my final student assessment).
We have 4 groups of 6 kids:
1 group works on Memory or Matching cards
1 group rotates through SCOOT cards
1 group completes a color activity of the topic
1 group completes a page on the topic
We set the timer for 6 minutes.
 They work at their specific station...
when the timer goes off...
they gather their colored pencils, pencil and booklet and rotate... & repeat!
I actually had a substitute do this activity last week while I went to a dentist appointment.  You should see the diagram I left for her to follow.  (It is on my school computer... I'll have to post it on Monday... only because it is reDICuloUSly complicated ;)
and makes Mrs. Evans look reDiCulOUS, too!!
I am off with the kids, my mom and sisters to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.
To celebrate the sunshine... I'm throwing a sale over the weekend.
If you are interested, stop by!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all!!

It's officially fall!! 
 We are experiencing a little bit of sun, wind, rain, clouds etc.  here in Utah.  
We leave the house with a light jacket and return home hot and sweaty!!

We are starting our 5th week of school and things seem to be getting into a nice, little routine! Yeah!!
We had fun with the Johnny Appleseed last week. We were able to learn a little history along with reviewing various reading, writing and math skills.

Looking through my last year planner I began pulling things out to be copied and prepared.
Christopher Columbus was one of our favorites.  We had a great time learning about a piece of history, memorizing poems and experimenting with tangrams.
Fire Safety is another unit I love teaching. 
 I'm hoping the Fire Department will bring a truck or two to the school during October.

I have enjoyed working as a whole class on our literacy centers during September.  I plan to continue in October also.  Rather than independent work during the week, we have been alphabetizing our words as a group and then pulling sticks and finally independently took a quiz (the worksheet) on Friday.  I only have a couple that I would really like to pull aside and work with.  We also did the same with syllables.
October looks like possibly studying the NOUNS, VERBS and ADJECTIVES.
I'm excited to see if this truly does help prepare them to begin Literacy Centers independently (for Word Work - Daily 5)in January.  We're having fun now!
 Another activity I look forward doing is Pumpkin Math.  I invite my kids to choose a pumpkin, bring it into class and 'MATH' it to pieces ;)  It's a bit stinky, but oh so much fun!!!
Have you found our Halloween fruit snacks yet?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Johnny Appleseed & A Bushel of Fun & Freebie

I gathered my Johnny Appleseed files together and now I'm looking forward to
 a fun week of apple-ious fun.

I've attached a freebie my kids are going to complete for the portfolio.

Here's a Syllable Freebie I created ... loving fall!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Food Math - Ghastly Ghosts

I know ... I may be rushing the Halloween season with this little do-da... but...
I found these cute little things at Walmart while grocery shopping this weekend and got all excited.  I love me some Halloween!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

BuMP Freebies... Skip Counting

We made it through our first week of school and it was great!
My class is darling and the smaller size is fabulous!!! (23 vs. 29)
This week we have been reviewing skip counting...
the BUMP games gave us a great opportunity to practice the skill AND
 learn the proper way to play partner games!!