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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Organizing for Instruction

Oh WoW! This hurt my brain.
I haven't planned  anything for 3 months!
I still have a few holes to fill... but this is a sketch of my first week!!

Last year I bought Laura Murray's Gingerbread Man Loose in the School.
It was a darling, new book to help introduce the students to a new school year, a new teacher and possibly a new school.
I created a scavenger hunt around the school looking for the gingerbread man.
I showed the students the library, office (secretary), nurse, lunch room, music room, etc.
Upon returning to the classroom... the gingerbread man leaves the kids a quick treat along with a glyph to complete as a class and individually... a word work activity, writing activity, get to know you activity and a bit more.  It was a fun morning and I felt we covered things quick, easily and in a fun way.
I plan to introduce the student planner to the kiddos and review skip counting math skills.
It's a short but busy day!

Tuesday, I plan to make a Get To Know You Necklace with the kids as another get to know you activity...  complete the Grade 2 Math Pre-Assessment and introduce phonograms.

Wednesday, I'm going to begin my Daily 5.  I loved Amy Lemon's brief summary.  I've printed it to remind me of how things went for me last year (my first ;). I plan to begin my student portfolios and rotate through The Old Lady Swallowed Some Books activities.

Thursday, I plan to start Daily Math, word families and continue reviewing math skills.
Brooke Hilderbrand made a darling backpack that I hope to do this day while completing our Dibels testing for reading. The Glyph Girls also had a darling freebie for back to school that I shrunk down to put in the student portfolio.

Friday, I plan to review classroom rules with No David and this cute craftivity.

Throw in a welcome assembly, grade level get together, snacks and literature... I'm sure it will be a full and fun week.

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Unknown said...

The link to Mrs. Lemmon's is broke :(

Mikaela said...

Great ideas for the first week! Any chance you'd be willing to share the get to know you necklace key? That looks super and not as detailed as others I've seen (and I just love your stuff!!). Thanks for considering!

Lory said...

Hi girls... It looks like Amy has taken the post down. I'll see if she'll repost it.
Mikaela send me your email ;)

Mikaela said...

Thanks, Lory! It's mmuntean619@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Oh. I would LOVE that info too if your still sharing!!?

Also, any way you might do this each week?? I'm trying to be like you ;). As this is my first year in second.... Kinda like a virtual mentor :)
Thank you