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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School Fun

Enjoying my last week of summer vacation!!!
Do you have your 1st week planned?


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Organizing for Instruction

Oh WoW! This hurt my brain.
I haven't planned  anything for 3 months!
I still have a few holes to fill... but this is a sketch of my first week!!

Last year I bought Laura Murray's Gingerbread Man Loose in the School.
It was a darling, new book to help introduce the students to a new school year, a new teacher and possibly a new school.
I created a scavenger hunt around the school looking for the gingerbread man.
I showed the students the library, office (secretary), nurse, lunch room, music room, etc.
Upon returning to the classroom... the gingerbread man leaves the kids a quick treat along with a glyph to complete as a class and individually... a word work activity, writing activity, get to know you activity and a bit more.  It was a fun morning and I felt we covered things quick, easily and in a fun way.
I plan to introduce the student planner to the kiddos and review skip counting math skills.
It's a short but busy day!

Tuesday, I plan to make a Get To Know You Necklace with the kids as another get to know you activity...  complete the Grade 2 Math Pre-Assessment and introduce phonograms.

Wednesday, I'm going to begin my Daily 5.  I loved Amy Lemon's brief summary.  I've printed it to remind me of how things went for me last year (my first ;). I plan to begin my student portfolios and rotate through The Old Lady Swallowed Some Books activities.

Thursday, I plan to start Daily Math, word families and continue reviewing math skills.
Brooke Hilderbrand made a darling backpack that I hope to do this day while completing our Dibels testing for reading. The Glyph Girls also had a darling freebie for back to school that I shrunk down to put in the student portfolio.

Friday, I plan to review classroom rules with No David and this cute craftivity.

Throw in a welcome assembly, grade level get together, snacks and literature... I'm sure it will be a full and fun week.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Tour

It's a classroom tour today,
however, I don't start school until the 26th of August!
Teachers don't even go back until the 22nd...
because my son has had basketball camp at the junior high next door...
I've spent a hour here and there... so...
here's a peek at my unfinished classroom!

This is as you walk into the classroom... my student cubbies
coat rack
sink area... math game center (w/out the games yet ;)
My classroom library.
We use the colored dots to level our library
so I've done the same with my own books.
Red box = kindergarten level
Yellow box = 1st Grade level
Blue box = 2nd Grade level
I also do an author study each month so the books on
 the shelves are seperated into authors.
calendar &
math station boxes below
computers and chapter books
math manips and
listen to reading books on cd/tapes below in files

student book boxes

one of the listening centers


gathering area
daily 5
literacy centers on shelves below

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet the Teacher... Let's BlogHop

Where has the summer gone??? HoLY SmoKES!
1 week of summer left.
Mr. E took me to San Diego last week for a quick trip
of R&R before the crazy schedule begins.
It was delightful and great to read up on fun blogs while laying at the pool.
Blog Hoppin' is celebrating with Teacher Week '13
So I thought it might be fun to jump in.
My life is not at all exciting... but I am grateful for the people and adventures that make up my life!!

I love my family!!
They are my greatest strength, my greatest support and my greatest influence!!

I love being a mother and wife!!
They are 2 of the most challenging and rewarding jobs a woman can ever have!!
I need to upload newer pictures... my hubby is holding little Emma in the picture above and little Max is snuggled in my tummy!!

I love pebble ice...

chips and salsa
and Pita chips
along with a Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi...ANYTIME... ANYWHERE!!
I love my co-workers!!  They are truly so much more than that!
We have been together for 15 years. We know each other in and out and up.
They make my daily duties at Creekside Elementary completely delightful!

I love Christmas!!

I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
I love my membership in the LDS church.
I love Sharpies

Lory in a nutshell!!
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Monday, August 5, 2013


Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

 Portfolios have been one of those things that I have done for years and years but, continually add to or change things over time.
Years ago, I purchased large strong pizza boxes as portfolios.  They stacked on top of each other (took a bit of room... but my room wasn't quite as full as it is now... after 20 years ;)  The kids loved them... the parents loved them.  I was told by a parent last year that her daughter (that I taught in 2nd grade) was graduating from high school and still had her pizza box portfolio under her bed! 
Over the years, I changed to a 3 ring binder... maybe it was easier... less space... more organized... I'm not sure but the 3 ring binder has been the method in my room for about 7-8 years now.  Each student brings a 1.5" white binder with view cover to school the first week of school.  I tell parents it is for a portfolio that they will bring home at the end of the year. (I usually buy 3 or 4 at the BTS sales for children that never bring one)  In the video, my portfolio shows sheet protectors (usually because the master copy is in the plastic with the example).  I don't have my kids bring/used protectors.  Just a 3 hole punch. 

It stays in chronological order because when we add things we always add things to the back.  The kids get good at this!  Each month we do a WRITING activity.  (I use my WRITE ON cards for this activity... but any chart would do.  The kids have a topic and I challenge them to use 4 NUGGETS (vocabulary words) in Sept and maybe 9 NUGGETS in January and by May they use 12+ vocabulary words because they are more confident and comfortable readers.  We also do a MATH review monthly.  We highlight the standard we covered and mastered.  We have a patterned ART piece to show fine motor, details and creativity. 

Throughout the year whenever we complete a project or assignment we are proud of... we pop it in the back.  You will notice many activities in my portfolio besides the writing, math and art.  Some activities I just created, some I purchased from friends on TpT and some from my dear friends at Creekside.

This coming year, I decided to add their reading calendars to the portfolio along with their SEP self assessment.  Portfolios are stored right in class so they are able to look through them whenever.  My favorite is SEP Conferences... we just place them in the hall and they look through their work with their parents before their conference.

I just ordered this little corner shelf to house my portfolios this year... should be coming soon... (It's pink on one side and black on the other).

Another thing that is nice is to have the student information inside the portfolio.  I used to keep a file for each student in my desk with this information... now it is just part of the portfolio.  It's fun for them to see what mom or dad thought their strengths were in 2nd grade or what some of their "favorites" were when they were 8.

I'd love to hear what you put in your portfolio.  I know I'm missing something that would be fun for the kiddos.  Leave me your idea with your email.  I'm giving away 3 portfolio sets (below) on Friday.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back in the Classroom... for a minute!!

My son had basketball camp at the junior high today...
 so rather than driving home and returning an hour or so later...
I went next door to put up a couple of things in my hot, stuffy classroom!
The custodians deserve a medal of ICE for their hard work and working conditions.
 My new little ABC strip was cheap, easy and I was able to
keep with my primary color theme.
We have camp again tomorrow...
 I have a few more things to throw together.