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Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 4 - Listening to Reading

Camping for the decade... over!! 
Back to the comforts of air conditioning and delightful plumbing!!
We had a wonderful time hiking, singing, cooking, crafting and sleeping under the stars... but oh my word, it was fantastic to step inside a hot shower (and clean off 5 days worth of sweat and grime) and then crawl into a nice bed!!
I don't have as much to share with Listen to Reading as the others...
It is a Daily that my kids always enjoy!!
In my classroom I have many books on tape and CD that I have accumulated through Scholastic.  I've always been a fan.  Each year I have at least a couple of students that don't have parents to read to or parents who never read to them.  Listening to stories on tape always gave these children a similar opportunity.  I purchased headsets at Walmart (years ago) for about $5-$10.  The students would keep the headset at home and then check out a new book/tape (stored in a large ziplock bag) each day before going home.
This made beginning LISTEN TO READING during Daily 5 an easier Daily for me.  I felt that I had a few materials already in my classroom to help me tackle the task.
So... Listen to Reading consists of a few spots in my room.
- I have 4 headsets labels for kids to use
(I have a large pocket chart that holds 12 books and tapes that hangs behind my door.  The kids choose 2 books to listen to during the rotation and then replace them before regrouping... I think I got the chart as a freebie from HIGHTLIGHTS magazine)
- I have a "boombox" (did I just age myself???) for my books on CDS.
(I have a book box that I place 5-6 books on CD in.  They are also individually stored in ziplock bags) I rotate the books of tapes/cd each Friday.
- I have 4 computers that are set up to use TUMBLEBOOKS.
This is a website that has many stories read by famous people.  It shows the book and allows the kids to follow along.  It is about $500 for a license.  I used a trial account for part of last year.  It was received well by the kids and easy to facilitate. This upcoming year we have many teachers trying Daily 5 for the first time and our principal bought the license for us. 
- I have Storia set up on my Ipad and 5 tablets (that I received through a grant)
I actually created the Storia account for my own little kiddos, however, soon realized that it was another tool my students would use and enjoy.  There are quite a few stories that are read aloud to the kids while they follow along.  Each month you are able to download a free ebook from Storia (not necessarily a read aloud book) and bonus points come in handy!!
Please feel free to link up and share your LISTEN TO READING ideas, successes and resources.  Enjoy your summer... anyone else enduring the 100+ degrees?  Wow! It is a hot summer in Utah!! Many Diet Pepsi cans in Lory's fridge!!


Mikaela said...

Great ideas for Listen to Reading! I never considered sending a book on CD home for nightly reading. Good idea!!
Are you going to be making the student/teacher charts available? I'd LOVE to use these and all the star stuff you're creating this summer.

peggy27 said...

the Salt Lake County library system has a link in their kids section to Tumblebooks. When I have extra time like before lunch or recess we watch one of the stories.

Lory said...

Hi ladies,
thanks for linking up... I'm going to check with the Davis County library system to see if it is available also... thank you!!!
Mikaela... click on the purple Daily 5 in the post... I've added the anchor charts to the other posters ;)

Good Enough Teacher said...

I just got the daily 5 book from one of the literacy coaches in my district. Can't wait to read it and figure it all out. Looks like girls camp was fun, though I'll admit, that is one calling I don't want!! ( that and primary!) hope you're doing well :)

Mikaela said...

YAY! Thanks SO much Lory! :)

Unknown said...

Yeah!!!! Thank you for adding the completed charts to the file!! Re-downloaded and gonna print!!!

Chelsea... This has been a God sent resource for me! :)