Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Blogin' Math Stations & 2nd Grade BTS Assessment

I'm trying not to focus on the fact that we have only 2 more Summer Blogin' weeks left. This summer has gone by so quickly.  I must admit, my stomach does summersaults (for the good) each time I walk into Target/Walmart and walk through their school supplies ;)
This week the topic is math stations.  Last week I explained a bit about my math stations because it is a large and important part of my math time.

This is the book that started it all for far as math stations. 
I taught for 15+ years and never wanted to go there.  I saw centers as an easy out... a play time... an unstructured piece of time.  Well, I guess centers could be, but if you read Debbie Diller's book  Math Work Stations yours will not be anything like that.
I caught the math station bug from her!!  She convinced me.  She changed my mind and has since changed my classroom math time for the better.
Each month my students work on various standards of the common core in each of the 4 areas.  I have 12 stations they rotate through with a partner.  I love to watch them experiment, work together, use math talk and share their understanding with each other.  It is actually very structured and one of my favorite times during the day... as I give myself this time to walk between the groups, sit on the floor with them to listen, reteach a concept challenging to a set of partners.

 Common Core - Grade 1 SEPTEMBER Math Stations
Common Core - Grade 2 SEPTEMBER Math Stations
Before I left for summer break I filled up my 12 boxes with SEPTEMBER
Math Stations.  It's nice to know when I return with a list a mile long... these will be ready and waiting!!
Below are a few pictures of my students working through the stations last year.

This is the rotation chart I use with my kids to keep us organized.
If you are looking for a quick, colorful math station rotation chart click here.
What are some of your math station secrets?
I was asked about my assessment that I give at the beginning of the year... This is what I made. Basically all the 1st grade skills they should have mastered.


Isobel Rosen said...

I love your math centers! After buying September last year and seeing how great it was I had to go back and buy all! Love that you have all 4 Common Core areas included each month. Thanks for these freebies!

Chelsea O'Neal said...

I read her book this summer and can't wait to start!! Thank you for making a ready to go system in place! Def. on my wish list. I am going to be new to second this year and wonder what do you use at the start to assess your kids??
Are these stations of yours in Sept basic review of last years skills? How long at the start of the year until you have all 12 out?

Lory said...

Hi Chelsea,
I have a pre assessment that we give the students. I'll post it. I start math stations the 2nd week of school. All 12 of them go out the same day. A partnership starts on 1, a partnerships starts on 8, a partnership starts on 10... then we rotate up to the next station. Those on station 10, go to 11 the next day etc. Last year I had 26 kids so I just put a #13 at the computers. The partnership played a math game that day and then rotated to #1 the following day. I hope that makes sense. They have a PUNCH card on the back of the student booklet that they punch each day after math stations to help them keep track of the stations they have completed.

Chelsea O'Neal said...

Thank you for this!! A huge time safer!! do you print your station act. at home or send to a copy center?

Lory said...

I send mine via email to the local copy shop.

Lory said...

I send mine via email to the local copy shop.

Krystal said...

thank you so much for sharing your pre-assessment. It is perfect for the first week of school! I am hoping to get more organized this year and be brave enough to tackle your math centers! Thank you for all your hard work :)

Jamie said...


I have a fellow teacher who HIGHLY recommends your monthly math stations. I would LOVE to incorporate them into my classroom, but unfortunately I teach third grade. Do you have any plans to create more for other grade levels?

Lory said...

Hi Jamie,
Thanks so much!! I have now finished 2nd and 1st (wahoo!!) I've talked about the 3rd grade... I'm just not sure that I am that smart ;) I will check into things.
Thanks again.

Deb said...


I have purchased all of the 2nd grade common core math stations. I love them and so do my students! I am being moved to 3rd grade next year. I was wondering if there was any chance you would be making 3rd grade math stations. I can't find anything on TpT that even comes close to the great things you have.

Denise said...
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Denise said...

Lori, I have used your math stations for 2 years now and my students and I LOVE them! I was wondering if on the station system document you posted can you make that an edible document or change #4 to read "take out station booklet and complete the assignment".

Anonymous said...

I bought your Math stations! Love them! I'm getting ready to start April's math stations and I have a few questions.

1. How long do the students have at each center per day? If it's 15 minutes, how do they complete all of the tasks?

2. Can you be more specific on your center rotation? How do 12 centers last for 1 month?

Thanks for your help!