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Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer - Week 3 - Read to Someone

'Bet you will all be real jealous... this week I am campin out in the woods!!
Yep that is right... in a tent without showers or toilets for 5 days.
Some decisions are made because you love the gospel and take your calling seriously and sincerely love the youth.
So, I might not be responding to your posts and comments, however, I will be looking forward to them this weekend (along with a hot shower ;)
This week I wanted to share some of the things I learned and tried last year with Read to Someone... AND... a couple things that I plan to do to improve.
After much practice and reinforcement with EEKK, my kiddos did a fairly good job with Read to Someone. We used the poster below to describe ways to read with someone properly. I didn't see/remember too much choral reading (unless it was a week that I focused on it and encouraged them to use that particular strategy)... many times I remember my students using Read to Someone to read, review the story from our basal. Whether it was the story for the week OR stories we read in the past.
Somewhere I read (on a blog) of students sitting on bright colored bath mats during read to someone. I know that Target and Walmart tend to have college essentials at BtoS time, so I might keep my mind open to this idea. While at Target this weekend, I ran into these cute chairs and Japanese lanterns.  I plan to hang the lanterns (with a table number) over my tables... but I thought the chairs would be fun for Daily 5.  I'm one that is still stuck in the PRIMARY COLOR era... so I was excited to find them.  I actually went back to get the blue set also ;)
Another thing I noticed was that my kids really enjoyed non-fiction this year.  I couldn't purchase enough for them.  My cute collegues (friends ;) and I decided to purchase Scholastic News for that very reason.  We purchased a class set and shared them between the 4 classes.  We each had 6 new copies for each week of the school year.  We purchased a set for the final 12 weeks of school just to try things out and the kids really enjoyed them during Read with Someone.  I only allow 6 kids go to each of the 5 Dailys at a time so we always had enough. Because we received a new one each week, I didn't stress about laminating or doing much to them.  I always kept about 5 sets out at a time so they could choose the one the wanted.  It was fun to hear them read the 3 different ways and ask and answer the questions found on the back of the magazine.
Hope you all have a great week in the comforts of your home ;)


Beach Teacher said...

I hope that you have fun camping! I also have the kids practice "read to someone" using Scholastic News:) I like the idea of the chairs.

Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun

Unknown said...

I downloaded and printed your D5 pages from TPT...LOVE :)

I was wondering if you have the completed anchor charts also somewhere? (the ones you have next to your posters on your posts) I love the same crisp look :)

Thank you for doing this...I just got moved last week from K to 2nd..So I am reading with new reason!! :)