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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Linky Party.... Blogville style

This summer my focus is revising and adding to my findings of the past 2 summers. 2 years ago Deedee Wills invited me to study and share in the Debbie Diller Math Stations blog study... it was a fabulous opportunity to meet many talented teachers in blogville and learn from their classroom experiences.  I have implemented Debbie's strategies in my own class and truly believe my kiddos are better off and stronger mathematicians.  Last summer many wonderful ladies participated in the Daily 5 blog party.  Once again... I was in awe and so anxious to try it out within my own 4 little walls.  It was a lot of work, but SO incredible.  I am excited to revise and tweak a bit for this fall and try it again.  10 weeks goes by so quickly and I plan to enjoy each one with my cute little family... but... I want to better myself as a teacher... SO... I'm setting up a linky party for the summer... CliffsNote style (short and with pictures ;)!  I've created a 10 week list of topics we might share in common.  My hope is to have friends link up and share their expert and creative ideas that they use in their classrooms. I'd love to continue learning... from each of you. If you have the time and or energy...please stop by...share the party with your blog lists and let's get everyone involved. 
Stop by tomorrow and share your Read to Self (Daily 5)ideas
 and ways that you have organized your books for your students.


Unknown said...

Oh I am SUPER excited about your plan :)!! I want to read D D's math stations but have not gotten it yet. I am reading her Lit. Station books. And I do live D5 but it did not go as planed at the beg of the year... I hope to marry the two and start strong next year. I will be defiantly coming here to learn!


Heather @ Kickin' It With Class said...

Love this idea!! I read and participated in the Daily 5 book study last year but this year I am moving to 1st and I am tweaking the plan..... Super Excited!!
Kickin' It With Class

Cheri's Hcg Journey said...

We are going fully common core next year. I am taking the DD math workstations workshop thru our county office August 1. I saw a pin on Pinterest about how to organize the tubs....it listed your blog but I can't find it. I'm excited about the weekly plan and I will be here!!

Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

What a great idea! It sounds like a lot of fun. I also participated in your book study last summer with Daily 5. I loved reading the information and getting feedback from other teachers. I will definitely be linking up with you tomorrow.

Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

Storie said...

I love the topics you have chosen. I'll be checking back soon :)
Stories by Storie

Lory said...

Thanks ladies... I'm looking forward to sharing and learning from many!!