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Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Blog Party - Week 1 Read to Self/Book Organization

My first day of summer! Wahoo!!
Hubby is out packing the car right now so we can take the kiddos up to Yellowstone National Park for the week...but I wanted to set up the blog hop so we can start sharing our ideas.  I was told by our school reading coach that the Sisters have made a few changes regarding with the Daily 5 so I'm planning on checking things out on their website.  I'll share my findings asap!!

I LOVED using Daily 5 in my classroom last year.  It was my first and I became a real believer!!  My dear co-worker and I took it step by step and followed the book page by page. It will be nice this year to have the tools already in place in the classroom.
My school uses the Accelerated Reader system so I've organized my books into the red dots (1st grade), yellow dots (2nd grade), and blue dots (3rd grade) into corresponding tubs.
I also focus on 10 different authors throughout the year so they each have their own box. Each book has a colored dot on the inside cover for the kiddos to know if it is a good fit book.  These are all my picture books... I also have book crates holding chapter books. They are organized into series rather than dots.  One thing I noticed with the students this past year is that they really enjoyed the non-fiction text.  I'm wondering if I should create a new area  labeled NON FICTION... I'd love to hear how you have organized your books to help the kids... I'm always up for a change.
I purchased book boxes at Target last summer from the $ Spot. 
Each box was $3.00 so I spent about $90.00, however, I only have to replace a couple. Hopefully they will be available when their back to school supplies come out.
Inside the boxes they each had the basal, 5 good fit books, 1 spiral  notebook (work on writing), journal notebook (word work) and a cute little book that I found on the internet.  They were only about 4 x 3 inches and they sort of served as a "review" for the kids after they read a story... I loved them... last year I ran them off, made little books but didn't save an original (not my best, I know). I wanted to use them again but couldn't find it on the internet... I typed them up so I could make new ones... but would LOVE to give credit to the real creator.  If you recognize this product and can direct me to the website/blog... I love you for it.  Here is my version...
Be sure to link up below. I'd love to hear how you have implemented Read to Self in your classroom.


Wii Fit & A Bet said...

I've seen the book boxes randomly in the dollar spot at target through out the year. Really Good Stuff sells them for about $2.50 a piece you have to pay shipping so I bet it works out to the same :) The Sisters are offering an online college course that I am going to try and sign up for the fall.

Lory said...

Awesome. Good to know about Good Stuff.

Mrs. Schlickbernd said...

Your little Daily 5 booklet is so cute! How do the students use them?

Sara at school said...

I don't do Daily 5, but I do like your idea of focusing on 10 different authors through the year. I jotted that idea down on my "think about" page for next school year.
My kids really love nonfiction also. I have several tubs - animals, some different social studies ones, biographies, and whatever we are learning abut in science.
Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I have loved those target boxes as well. I got lucky the other week, and found some that had been donated to a local thrift store. I am also hoping they pop up again this fall at target! Love your blog!

Lori Rosenberg said...

Great D5 post! Your little booklet is a great idea. I also love how you made your own shelf over your computer station. That is brilliant! I'm going to try doing something like that. I just have to find a long piece of wood! Thanks for the idea.
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Kelly Miller said...

You have such great ideas for Daily 5! Who are the 10 authors you focus on? I love that approach.

Tim said...

This will be my first year implementing Daily 5. Your ideas look really helpful. Thanks so much for sharing!