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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Student Planner... Update

It's hard to believe we are ordering products for next year already!!
I received a couple of emails about student organization and how I help them learn to be responsible with their school tools and assignments.
I will take the next few posts to share some ideas that I use to help my little friends.
Today's post is our student planner.  
This is for NEXT school year. 
It is a weekly layout.  
It has a place for parent initials daily.
A weekly spelling list.
Birthdays for the week and
Classroom News!
It is cute in color, however, I ran mine on colored card stock (the first couple pages and back page) to save money and I think they'll be great!!

I enjoy keeping the communication open between home and school.
It's nice for the parents to have a tool to look for and write in...                                                 little notes seem to get lost to easily AND
it's nice to have the documentation and communication if I need it!



Mrs. Pollard said...

This is great! I love how it's more personalized to your needs than a general bulk order of planners from a company.

Tales of a Teacherista

Michelle said...

did you have printing services print these or send them elsewhere? Also, a 3rd grade teacher at my school heard me and a 2nd grade teacher talking about you and she said she's going to bed you to do 3rd grade math centers and assessments now.

Lory said...

lol... that is funny Michelle... I'm probably not smart enough for 3rd grade ;)
I actually printed them at school a few at a time so it wasn't a big deal. Now they are all ready to go and in my drawer for next fall!!

Karin said...

Love it! Care to share?? :)

Shared Teaching said...

I love this idea for next year but am wondering about the management of the planners. It looks like there is space for daily notes each week. How do you organize this? Is it for parent comments, you, both? How often would you write for each child. I am teaching two full classes of 25 students so comments for 50 students each week or even a few times a week seems like a ton! Thanks for the ideas (and help)!

Lory said...

Hi... great question... Each day I write a reminder or AH-HA for the day on the white board for my kids to copy into their planner. I don't write in them myself UNLeSS I have a personal memo to get home. Parents initial daily and know that they can send me memo via the planner and it wont get lost.
Hope that helps!

Primary Planet said...

I love it! I have been toying with this idea for a while. Yours is really great! (It's already on my wishlist!) I am a new follower as well!
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