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Monday, April 29, 2013

Sticking with Math Journals

 With copies counted and money sparse in our grade level budget... we've been finding ways to keep things going BUT without the expense.  This is a student math journal using math prompt labels.  The kids get a label as they walk in the door from recess... they stick it 2 lines under yesterdays prompt. Read the label, draw, write and answer the journal prompt.  Easy, quick and cheap!!  I purchased the spiral bound notebooks at the beginning of the year and all four terms are going to fit ;)
For  term 2,  I experimented with printing the labels onto bond paper rather than labels. I printed, chopped & elastic banded each day... rather than stick them on they quickly glue them with their glue stick.  Both were slick and saved on copies.
If you need math journal prompts click here!
I'd love to hear your math journal ideas!


Lessons Learned said...

Oh my gosh I use some of Anna Brantley's and my kids are used to gluing them in but I feel like you are a genius for using labels. This is totally a "why did I not think of this already?" moment.

Denise said...

Can you post a sample of the type of questions that are included. I love all your stuff so I can only imagine that I will love these also. The picture is not very clear. Thanks

Tiggeriffic 2nd Graders said...

I started using labels for my math journals a few years ago and love them, except for when my darlings take the edges and stick them to their faces! :) HA! I have used Mountain Math and wrote questions on the labels and I have story problems on labels. SO I've taught my kids to draw a line in the middle of the notebook and the top part is for the story problem and bottom part for Mountain Math. I've also done some other things, where I give them a problem to do on the bottom like, draw a line that is 5 cm long. I find that I've been experimenting more with my journals this year as well so it's nice to see someone else with ideas on how they do it. So, thanks....I was wondering if you had some sample of the type of questions you have on the labels...I find that I need to update mine with some of the terms I've been using this year with Common Core vs. what my textbook used to teach.