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Monday, April 29, 2013

Sticking with Math Journals

 With copies counted and money sparse in our grade level budget... we've been finding ways to keep things going BUT without the expense.  This is a student math journal using math prompt labels.  The kids get a label as they walk in the door from recess... they stick it 2 lines under yesterdays prompt. Read the label, draw, write and answer the journal prompt.  Easy, quick and cheap!!  I purchased the spiral bound notebooks at the beginning of the year and all four terms are going to fit ;)
For  term 2,  I experimented with printing the labels onto bond paper rather than labels. I printed, chopped & elastic banded each day... rather than stick them on they quickly glue them with their glue stick.  Both were slick and saved on copies.
If you need math journal prompts click here!
I'd love to hear your math journal ideas!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day

Earth Day = Springtime ???
Last Friday was a bit dramatic and hectic ...so I was grateful this EARTH DAY packet was printed, laminated and waiting in the file drawer.
This week we are going to complete the 14 stations (7 language/7 math) with the student booklet as a review for End of Level testing.  It also has a trifold for more Earth Day information and math game board freebie for 3 addend addition.
The colors of the banner make things a bit brighter ... 
even though we are only in the 50 degree weather slump...

On a sweet side note.  Crystal at Kreative in Kinder put together a fund raiser for West Texas teachers and schools.
Within a few hours, teachers had contributed $10,000. Many are still wanting to contribute... due to taxes etc. another fund raiser will have to be set up.  Check out her blog for further details.  Pretty amazing...
 glad to rub shoulders with such great, caring people!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Student Planner... Update

It's hard to believe we are ordering products for next year already!!
I received a couple of emails about student organization and how I help them learn to be responsible with their school tools and assignments.
I will take the next few posts to share some ideas that I use to help my little friends.
Today's post is our student planner.  
This is for NEXT school year. 
It is a weekly layout.  
It has a place for parent initials daily.
A weekly spelling list.
Birthdays for the week and
Classroom News!
It is cute in color, however, I ran mine on colored card stock (the first couple pages and back page) to save money and I think they'll be great!!

I enjoy keeping the communication open between home and school.
It's nice for the parents to have a tool to look for and write in...                                                 little notes seem to get lost to easily AND
it's nice to have the documentation and communication if I need it!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

1st Grade Math Stations - COMPLETED for the year!!!

Wahoo!!! Happy Dance in Vegas... Lory is finished with Math Stations for
both 1st and 2nd Grade!!