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Friday, March 15, 2013

CC Math Assessments for the Year

We've almost completed our first year using the Common Core.
It's been an adventure learning and teaching new strategies and even a few new concepts.  My favorite way of assessing my students is1 on 1 observing and inviting them to show their understanding.. however... time has been a big issue this year and I've found that a quick 10 question quiz on each standard we study helps me see who 'gets' it and who needs additional help.  This file contains 50 quizzes on each CC Math Standard for 2nd grade.  As we enter the 'reviewing' time for the end of level testing... I thought others might benefit from these little ones.  If you are interested... I've posted them here.


Kandia Cross said...

Looks like another GREAT resource and just in time.
Going to download now.
Thanks for sharing!

Barbara said...

This looks incredible, perfect for 2nd grade. I know you have done many lessons for first grade also. Any chance of 1st grade common core assessments coming our way for the 1st grade teachers? I would definitely purchase it.

Lory said...

Thank you ladies... 1st grade is in the works ;) should be done in about a week!

Unknown said...

These are amazing and just what I have been searching over a month to find, ha. I am staying home this year to homeschool my son with special needs to catch him up. He is very bright with so much potential just unfortunately wasn't learning in the special education program that he was in. We weren't happy with the program at all... so my plan is to have him integrated back into a regular classroom setting next year, but first have to get him prepared. I'm struggling as I'm not a teacher and the common core has me worried but this will help so much! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work! It's a great deal, Hopefully I will be able to purchase it soon, if you happen to have a giveaway for this or any similar material in the near future, please keep us posted, if you can!:)