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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Candy Heart Math

 Oh, what a day in an elementary classroom!  Let the red dye begin to do it's mAgIC!
After 20 years of teaching, I'm always looking for a new valentine for my kids.
This year we thanked Granny B!!

Another fun craft at the Evans' home is the valentine box year after year after year.  This will be Alex's last... so he wanted something 'cool'!

Hope your day is full of sweetness!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!


Teaching Little Miracles said...

Hi Lory. Thanks for the great Valentine's ideas. Candy Heart math looks like fun! We'll be "partying" tomorrow. :-)

Teaching Little Miracles

Mikaela said...

I did your candy heart math activity today (my students last year were still talking about it as a highlight at the end of the year! We had a ton of fun. It was impossible to find the little boxes of hearts this year, so I made my kids their own little bag of them. Those cookies look delicious! Hope you have fun with your class tomorrow.