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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winner!! Winner!! Day 5

 Wow... you guys are great White Elephant gift givers!!!
Thank  you for sharing your ideas and suggestions... I feel a bit less stressed for our faculty party next week.... I have created quite a list to think over!
Our fabulous winner tonight... Sydney... received PIG'S feet... yes, that is right...       PIG'S feet as a W.E. gift once.  She was kind enough to let us know that they are bottled and found at your nearest grocer.  Definitely an attention getter, I'm sure!!
Anyway,  Sydney you are the winner tonight of 12 fabulous files...                                       over $100 worth of TpT merchandise!!!  

Thank you everyone for participating... don't give up... we have 7 more days of HUGE zip files to send to your email box!!  I also have 7 more freebies for celebrating the season with me.  Below I've attached another math fact game for your kids to use as they memorize their math facts.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow. Enjoy your Thursday!!

On a much more serious note an amazing lady is needing our faith and prayers. Amy Lemons (a teacher participating in this giveaway) and extremely generous, sweet teacher  is not only preparing to send her husband to pick up their sweet angel in Africa... and complete their long going adoption process... she is struggling with a dangerous medical situation and must undergo brain surgery very quickly.  She is extremely upbeat, positive and faithful... a true example to us all in many ways.  


Krystal said...

Thanks for letting us know about Amy,... She will be in my prayers tonight. I adore all the products she makes... Hope all goes well with both the surgery and the adoption! And thanks to YOU, Lory, for organizing this and giving us a freebie each day.... I feel like a winner each time :)

Unknown said...

Om goodness Lory!!!!! I will pray for Amy. She seems like such a positive person I know she will get through this!!! Please let me know if there is anything we can do for her!


Lory said...

Will do ladies... thanks for your prayers!!

aud1inok said...

Praying for Amy and her family. I am new to both of your blogs but have been so blessed by them and your generosity. Thank you!

katiemg said...

I am praying for Amy and her family. She is sucj a role model for all of us. I follow her blog and yours and she is such a remarkable teacher and person. Hoping for the best